Video Call for Windows 10 – Apps That Can Be Used for Video Call on Windows 10

Video Call for Windows 10 is the app on any Windows 10 you will ever own. Windows 10 video call is another video call that is used by millions of users online across the world. With the help of windows 10, you can make a video call all over the world with your loved ones you have not seen since decays.

Video Call for Windows 10 - Apps for Video Call | Skype | WeChat | FaceTime | Viber

Video call for windows 10 connect lovers and love ones together whether far or near. The windows are the best software app you can get in your laptop.

Maybe you are using Windows 7 you can convert your Windows 7 into Windows 10 by installing a Windows 10 software on it. In detail, I will tell you more about the Windows in this article, just keep your finger cross.

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Video Call for Windows 10

Windows 1O is known as the best grown operating system for years, with Windows 10 you can connect with your love ones around the universe; you can update your windows very fast and easy way with nice features and strong security to keep your files and another document secure.

Windows 10 Apps for Video Call

What is the next step you really want to face or meet? I must tell you are going to write some best apps for a video call for window 10 that you can use this app for video call. Check below for details


Skype is one of the best apps for video calls for Windows. Among all is also the best for your video device too. With Skype, you can see your family or loved ones because it comes with good features that will make you love to video call.

Skype app supports the high definition of video call and audio quality, I do make mention of good features of this Skype because you can record, screen, smart message and even Live subtitle, call connect with a group of friends or many you want.

Have you come across another popular video call app that allows multiple users of a million of people around the world? With line, you can make an unlimited video call with an individual or group of friends. Video call is very easy with a limit of four participants for a video call or group of kids or family.

With Line you can enjoy good features like video calls and if you don’t like the video? It is very easy to switch to voice call which can enable you to add up to 200 participants to a single group of cells. You can visit which is the website for windows.


Imo is the best of all video call app you we ever have on your PC. With IMO you can text, and make them instant messages and transfer of media files and you can still make audio and video calls. You can connect the user and many individually together, IMO you can create a group video that can connect 25 users. Either you create a group video call.


Wechat is an app used by billions of people globally, with the WeChat window app you can make both audio and video calls with friends and family around the world. The WeChat audio quality is very visual during video calls is top quality can make both on-one and group of people conference video calls.

At this time, the WeChat group video of the call session has a limit of 9 participants. All you need to connect with your family is the WeChat conference or webinar with 9 members.

You can download your WeChat app on your Microsoft or WeChat’s official website, to use window App all you need to login to your WeChat account on your mobile app too. Download the app and scan the QR code generated by the computer on your smartphone to log in and being the App on your window pc.


WhatsApp is a popular app use by many users and you can see it in most smartphones. If you want to use WhatsApp application on your smartphone or pc. You will need to download the WhatsApp application for your pc.

Whatsapp call app is not just a calling app. That allows the user to share their favorite video and image and document and many other more you can enjoy. As for WhatsApp, you can access it by visiting on your windows 10 browser and you must connect with your phone.


Face Time is another popular app that was designed for mobile platforms but has a nice feature that offers unlimited video talk time via their personal computers. The app makes you use PC built-in cam software.

Face Time delivers you nice video feed when using your mobile device to your pc. It doesn’t mean if you are using the back camera or front camera. Face Time is a perfect app for video calls. When it comes to facetime, this video platform only works on macOS systems. That is to say, it can’t be used on Windows systems.


Viber is a user-friendly interface that makes you enjoy the best of your video. Its one of the most popular apps on this list, Viber has multiple following but its face chat application fore PC, Viber allows you to sync your mobile application with your window Viber software. Aside from the features, it gives the user to chat with a loved one and a lot of stickers to send to your friend.


The wire is set up by a group of engineers that created Skype. It is an open software that works with Skype. If you are looking for the best video call app to call your friends is an easy way of doing your video call. The wire gives you the room to make and audio conference call as well as a video call. The good thing about the wire you can set up your profile on the wire app and switch seamlessly between users.


Are you searching for a video call app? Talky is an app used to set up a video chat in record time, talky is the best app for you. To use talky it does not require any set up of account to log in. What you need to do is to add an extension to your Brower and you can set up your video call chat with just one tap. You can lock your talky with your face lock.

Next time you need a video call for business meeting talky app is there, free app to network failure when conferencing with your family if you are looking for an app that can help keep a record of video conversation.

It one of the best app you can find for window 10 pc, Mac. Here are some good apps for your window 10 that can make you make video calls effectively whenever you want to do conference call with your family.

Video Call for Windows 10 Features

Too many to mention on my list here because all the features are all the same because they have similar features. To connect with your family and loved ones, some of the app features they allow 9 participants to connect for the conference and video calls.

Most of the video calling apps that are listed above have a web format of it but when you have visited the website of it, it will ask you to download the app. With this way you can easily download the apps from their various website for free without searching where to download any of them from.

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