TV Streaming Services – Best Streaming Services | Live TV Streaming Services

A lot of TV Streaming Services is continuing to evolve. Amazon Prime Video looks to ascend up the list now that it acquired MGM, HBO Max introduced an ad-free tier. And that is decent value and Disney Plus will be getting the Spider-Man movies.

TV Streaming Services - Best Streaming Services | Live TV Streaming Services

And that’s not to mention the live TV entries in our best streaming services list, which help you cut the cord. The best streaming services bill you on a monthly basis. And this will give you the flexibility to cancel and re-subscribe as you see fit.

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TV Streaming Services

These services are just one half of the streaming equation, though. As the cable box slowly withers away, it’s being replaced by smart TVs and the best streaming devices, which include Rokus and Chromecasts.

And by testing the best streaming services and devices side-by-side, we figure out the best way to build the ultimate streaming setup. All with the best selection of content and live channels.

Best Streaming Services

Not all of us are cancelling our Netflix accounts, though, as the big red streaming machine practically controls the conversation around streaming. With most of the big shows and routine success making big new series such as Tiger King and Dead to Me.

Netflix has also had most of the standard features that competitors took years to realize mattered. And it is enough content that you’ve got plenty of reasons to sign up.

What are the Best Streaming Services?

The best streaming service overall was Netflix, but HBO Max just took the title here at Tom’s Guide, riding a stellar wave of successes in 2021 with big-name movies. If you’re confused by the new name, consider the “Max” in HBO Max to be just like the Plus in Disney Plus. HBO Max now has a lower starting price, with a $9.99 per month option that has ads.

Best Live TV Streaming Services

Sling TV is one of the best streaming services for live TV because of its relatively inexpensive price. While it got a price bump to $35 (from $30) in January, that’s just for new members. And it’s also $30 less than the likes of YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV. Fubo TV may be as expensive, but its wide array of sports content helps it stand out.

Best TV Streaming Services

Here are the top picks on the Best TV Streaming Services:


Both HBO and HBO Max pack current-run shows including Insecure, as well as completed seasons of Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Veep. But for $14.99 per month, HBO Max adds a lot more to be a compelling competitor to Netflix.


The great-granddaddy in the market remains the best streaming service. As you probably know, Netflix provides unlimited streaming of TV shows, movies, comedy specials, and original programming for one monthly subscription fee.

Disney Plus

This is a dominant player in the category. Disney controls a frankly frightening number of properties, from Marvel, to Star Wars, to Disney’s own animated canon, to The Simpsons. At $8 per month, it’s among the cheaper of the best streaming services out there, and a lot of the content is available in 4K resolution with HDR color palettes, too.


If you want to keep current with the latest TV shows but don’t feel like investing in a cable subscription or an HD antenna, Hulu is the best streaming service for you. This service provides access to most major network shows and a handful of cable shows the day after they air. It also lets subscribers access a show’s current season.

Amazon Prime Video

For those who do most of their shopping online, Amazon Prime is a no-brainer. For $119 per year, you get free two-day shipping on your purchases, a free Kindle book each month, and unlimited access to both Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Video.

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