Transmission Fuid Change Cost – How to Check Transmission Fluid

If you want to find out about the Transmission Fluid Change Cost (Transmission Fuid Change Cost), you are reading the right article. In order to keep your car running smoothly and effectively, you need to have the Transmission fluid changed when due.

Transmission Fuid Change Cost
Transmission Fuid Change Cost

In addition to learning about the Transmission Fluid cost, you would learn more about the Transmission Fluid, what it does, and also how to change your Vehicle’s Transmission fluid all by yourself. So, kindly read to the end.

Transmission Fuid Change Cost

One of the Fluid required for a Vehicle to run smoothly is the Transmission Fluid. “ So What is a Transmission Fluid?” you may be wondering now. The Transmission Fluid is a lubricant that reduces the friction in your Vehicle’s gear and other moving parts in the gear box.

The Transmission fluid is of two types; The Automatic Transmission fluid and the Manual Transmission Fluid. The aim of this hydraulic lubricant is to keep the Transmission system of your Vehicle cool. The Transmission system as the name implies is the part of your Vehicle that transfers power from the engine to the wheel.

The Automatic Transmission is used in Automatic cars only while the Manual Transmission fluid is used when a manual transmission is required (i.e. where the clutch and shifter are used during gear shifts).  To keep your car running properly, it’s important to know the type of transmission you have and the specific fluid it requires. To get this information, consult your Owner’s manual.

How Much Does a Transmission Fluid Change Cost?

Most drivers pay attention to changing the Engine oil and neglect changing the Transmission oil and this is not supposed to be so. When you notice difficulties in shifting or putting your vehicle in gear, this is an indication that the Transmission fluid is due for a change.

The cost to change your Vehicle’s transmission fluid varies and this depends on your Vehicle, the Transmission system, the Transmission fluid cost and also the service fee charged by your mechanic. However, the cost to change Transmission Fluid ranges from about a $100 to $250 dollars.

Why Change Transmission Fluid

As a driver, you may have wondered if it is necessary to change the Transmission fluid in your vehicle. You should know that the Automatic and manual transmission fluids both degrade and become polluted with particles and dirt over time. While transmission fluid does not need to be changed as frequently as the Engine oil, it is necessary to monitor it and check it on a regular basis.

How to Check Transmission Fluid

You will experience a decrease in performance when shifting or engaging into gear if the level of your transmission fluid is low or has started degrading.  Due to a lack of lubricant, internal gears and parts may begin to grind together, leading to wear out and thus increasing the risk of damage. To confirm that your Transmission fluid needs to be changed, follow the guide below:

  • Park your vehicle on a level surface and keep the engine running throughout the process (except if the owner’s manual says otherwise).
  • Locate the Transmission fluid Dipstick (this is found under the Engine hood and should not be mistaken for the Engine oil dipstick).
  • Wipe the dipstick clean and insert it again.
  • Check the level on the dipstick.
  • Lay the Transmission fluid dipstick on a white paper towel and observe the color of the fluid.

If the color of the Transmission fluid is normal (reddish-pink) but the level is low, you can top up the fluid. However, a dark brown or black color is a sign that your Vehicle’s transmission fluid needs to be changed.

How to Change Transmission Fluid

You may want to change your Vehicle’s Transmission fluid by yourself. This is cost-saving and also fun. You should make sure you are with your Vehicle’s owner’s manual. With this, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Park your car on a level surface.
  • Lift your car with a jack and ensure there is enough room to go under the engine.
  • Place a barrier behind the tire to prevent them from rolling.
  • Locate the transmission fluid pan and examine it if the transmission pan needs to be removed entirely or if you just need to remove a drain plug.
  • If the transmission pan has a drain plug, remove the plug to drain the fluid into a collection pan.
  • If you need to remove the transmission fluid pan completely, unscrew the two upper bolts halfway, then the other bolts completely. The pan may drop a little and fluid will start draining as soon as the last bolt is entirely unscrewed. It’s possible that you’ll have to use some force to get it loose.
  • Examine the drained fluid to ensure that there is no screw or bolt inside.
  • Carefully pour the new Transmission fluid into the pan.
  • Carefully screw the Transmission pan back in place.
  • Start the car and allow it to run for a few minutes and dispose of the drained fluid.

You can also check if the transmission fluid level is low and top it off if it is. Ensure that you do not overfill the Transmission pan and with this, your vehicle would run smoothly.



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