Top SDP Providers – The Best SDP Providers in 2022

Are you in search of the best SDP providers? Then you are in the right place, as this article will give you classified info on the top SDP providers to make use of.

Top SDP Providers
Top SDP Providers

SDP (software-defined perimeter) is a network boundary, which is based on mainly software, and not hardware. SDPs can be said to be part of zero-trust security.

The SDP is a method or way you use in hiding internet-connected servers, routers, etc. so that an external party and attackers cannot see it, whether it is hosted in the cloud or on-premise.

The main objective of SDP approach is to base the network perimeter on a software rather than hardware.

With the rapidly growing cybersecurity threats and increase in cyber-attacks on the rise, it is wise to keep sensitive data and IT assets safe and secured, but this has proved to be challenging.

Top SDP Providers

These top SDP is meant to give the extra security layer needed by your company to avoid been attacked online, especially if you are conducting online businesses.

Of course cyber criminals are steadily cooking up new schemes to profit from another person’s downfall, thereby forcing many of these companies and individuals to come up with ideas that will help catch up with security solutions that are capable of resisting any of these attacks.

Now this is where the SDP software comes to play in the picture. The SDP is an answer to cybersecurity as it ensures the user applies the user authentication and identity verification before it can give access to an organization’s networks, data, and apps.

SDP is practically casting an invisibility spell on their various servers and other infrastructure to conceal it from the outside. Even so, only authorized users are given access to see and access it.

The Best SDP Providers in 2022

Its time to get the best SDP providers and welcome zero-security with software based defined perimeter solution. Below are some of the top notch SDP in year 2022;

Perimeter 81

This is a state of art cloud based security solution. Its simple to set up even for organizations or individuals with complex cloud networks, changeable access policy, and lots of remote users.

Currently perimeter 81 offers four types of sized plans with budget friendly plans per month and still it includes all the necessary features needed, like network visibility, zero-trust policy, hybrid security.


This one is among the pioneers of the SDP industry and also has a great experience in making the internet a safer place by helping to wipe out gaps in traditional security tools.


Similar to other entries on this rundown, Twingate makes zero-trust network access quick and basic for all end-clients, even those without a single educated bone in their body. They just have to download and introduce the client application and validate with the ongoing personality supplier, and they’re set.


This SDP arrangement is important for the NetMotion platform which joins it with computerized experience checking (DEM) and venture level VPN facilitating administration to give organizations every one of the vital instruments to safeguard their information and IT resources.


Made in view of high accessibility, Appgate’s SDP arrangement can be introduced in physical, cloud, or virtual conditions. It can likewise be incorporated with huge loads of outsider applications including threat intelligence platforms (TIPs), identify platforms, endpoint security arrangements, different online security apparatuses, and many more.

The rundowns happens with ones like, Cloudflare Zero Trust, Cisco Software-Defined Access, ZoneZero, Verizon, and Zscaler.

Since SDP providers offer some kind of free trial (or a demo) you can check how any of these solutions will work for you without being wasteful with your spending.


SDP differs very much from VPNs, how so. In some ways SDPs are regarded as more secured. While VPN allows all connected users to have access to the entire network, SDPs do not allow sharing of network connections.

And also SDPs are quite easy to manage than VPNs, especially if the users in the inner cycle need multiple levels of access.



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