Tips on How to Wash and Repair Allbird Footwear

Do you want to know the Tips on How to Wash and Repair Allbird Footwear? Allbirds is actually a line of plant-based, environmentally friendly, and even cosy shoes. They are also made of wool from New Zealand-based Merino sheep that are simply raised on farms.

Tips on How to Wash and Repair Allbird Footwear
Tips on How to Wash and Repair Allbird Footwear

Allbirds are also fantastic footwear. They are even odour-resistant and comfy. You may also use them without socks because they are made to fit your feet naturally! But like any other set of footwear, they must be simply cleansed, dried, and even maintained on occasion.

This actually helps to maintain their quality and keep them fresh. In this article, we will cover all you need to know about cleaning and also repairing your Allbirds correctly. So, you won’t damage or ruin your favourite footwear!

Tips on How to Wash and Repair Allbird Footwear

All bird simply offers one of the greatest shoe materials available anywhere. So, it’s very essential that you simply take care of them by just washing and also repairing them when necessary. Below are a few quick tips for both:

1) You should use the sink for washing your Allbirds with cold water or spot clean using a damp cloth and soap. For really dirty spots, you should also use a toothbrush or scrubbing brush. Do not put your Allbirds in the washer! Just because they are machine washable does not mean you should do it! Hang dry if possible; otherwise, let them air dry on a towel.

2) If any part of your Allbird has now come loose, please stop wearing it. When the lace unravels, try sewing it back on. You just simply need thread and a needle. The top of the hole, where it initially emerged, is where the knot must then be placed. When you cannot sew, ask someone else who can simply help out. The heel counter also often pops out and may even require reattaching to keep it snugly on your foot. The easiest way for you to reattach this is by putting super glue along one side of the seam. Then pressing firmly together until set.

3) The last thing to also remember about caring for your Allbirds is that we all simply sweat a lot inside our shoes. This then causes discolouration. Don’t worry. You can also then get rid of yellow stains by just soaking them overnight. Use lemon juice and also hydrogen peroxide diluted 50/50 solution. And if you then have any black marks on your white pairs, use bleach as a last resort. But proceed with caution as bleach will simply wear down the wool quickly.

How to Wash your Allbird Footwear

Follow these short instructions.

1) Start by simply using a moist cloth to then wipe away any dust or dirt from the footwear.

2) After that, you should now put your footwear in a mesh bag and wash them in cold water with a light detergent.

3) Another option is for you to wash them in a mesh bag in the delicate cycle of the washing machine.

4) After cleaning, you should allow them to air dry overnight before wearing them again.

5) If there is any mud or residue that does not come off after washing them, you can then use a toothbrush to remove it. Gently scrub it away.

6) For minor stains that don’t simply come off with soap and water, you should try using white toothpaste. Mix it with warm water on an old toothbrush.

7) also use a soft brush as well if needed, but be careful not to scrub too hard or the fabric may become damaged.

8) When cleaning the laces, you should avoid getting them wet. This is so as to prevent discolouration, wear, and tear.

Drying your Allbird Footwear

It’s also very important to dry your footwear as quickly as possible. Air drying will simply take 24 hours, but you can just speed up the process by simply using a fan or hair dryer on the lowest setting. You should also make use of a tea tree oil-based shoe cleaner and then brush them before you wash them with water. This will then help keep your shoes from smelling too bad.

The best way for you to care for your favourite shoes is just to make sure that they are simply clean! For instance, if you then see dirt or mud stains, you should just try using soapy water. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and then rinse it off with cool running water. Also, make sure not to rub harshly when scrubbing at the stains because this may then cause new ones! And always let them air dry!

Repairing your Allbird Footwear

If your footwear begins to then show wear and tear, there’s actually no need to buy new ones – all you need is a little love. We are going to take you through the steps of how to repair your Allbirds and also get them looking like new again!

Just start removing any excess dirt or debris from the shoe using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Next, wet your hands with warm water and then apply a small amount of soap or dishwashing liquid to one hand.

Now rub this hand over both sides of the shoe until it’s coated in suds.

Then rinse out one side at a time with warm water until all soapy residue has been removed. Then do the same for the other side as well (you may want to use two separate bowls for this).

Once done, you should rinse your hands thoroughly with warm water and dry off completely.

Then apply a thin layer of waterproofing spray to the outside of the shoe.

Let dry before wearing!

Repeat these steps every few months or whenever necessary. This is to just ensure maximum protection against daily wear and tear.

Remember to also be gentle when handling the uppers of your Allbirds. They can actually only handle so much rough treatment before they break down!

Also, give them a quick rinse with cold water and even mild detergent if needed. But avoid using too much pressure when scrubbing; just dab gently with the corner of a towel instead. 11. Finish up by simply drying off the uppers thoroughly. Let it also air-dry overnight before placing back on shelves or storing away.



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