The Glorious Sons – Are The Glorious Sons Still Together

The Glorious Sons is a rock music band from Kingston Ontario, Canada. The Rock band started in 2011 and signed into the record label Black Box in 2013.

The Glorious Sons
The Glorious Sons

However, over the years the band has remained strong releasing music including Sharpness Art, EP, Union, Young Beauties and Fools, and other three full albums.

Are you living in Canada, and your listener and love of rock music? Make the Glorious Sons your favorite rock band. Continue to read further to gather more information about The Glorious Sons.

The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons are rock band artists in Canada, Ontario precisely. The rock band started in the year 2011. The band has stayed top 10 on the chart for consecutive 8 times on the rock radio hit in Canada also with the #1 modern rock single “Everything Is Alright”.

Over the years, the Glorious Sons have released singles and had tours of different places. In 2021, they had unfinished business which they carried over to this year 2022. The unfinished business tour started in the United States in December 2021 and continues after the holidays in Canada

The Glorious Sons Tours

The news of the tours came after the release of the recently debuted song “Daylight” and then followed with a release of the song Young King.

The tour gets began on December 10 in Pittsburgh, the total number of shows all through the tour was 29 and it wrapped up on March 4, 2022, in Quebec City

The new tour Glorious Sons pre-sale of tickets begins on June 1 at 1 PM ET, followed by the Spotify Fan First pre-sale on June 2 at 10 AM local. The general public sale began on 4 June at 10 AM local time.

Recently, the band has been showing exclusive, limited edition poster series on the TGS Union mobile app. However, the animated series of the poster has been offered as an NFT offer that has a pair of “season passes” to all their shows in 2022 making up of 15 packages in total.

In the Glorious Sons tour announcement, they are offering a 1-of-1 version of the animated posters. The posters include a lifetime pair of tickets to any of their show. The NFT bidding took place at  on 27 May 2022.

Are The Glorious Sons still together

The Glorious Sons are a Canadian rock band from Kingston, Ontario. They were seven members before two left.

Current members are:

  • Chris Koster – Guitar, Vocals
  • Brett Emmons – Vocals, guitar, harmonica, keys
  • Jay Emmons – guitar, vocals
  • Josh Hewson – piano, guitar
  • Adam Paquette – drums, vocals.

Past Members

  • Andrew Young – guitar, vocals
  • Chris Huot – Bass

Touring musicians

  • Peter Van Helvoort – Bass
  • Tony Silvestri – Piano, acoustic guitar (2025-2016)

Awards And Nominations

Juno Awards – Rock Album of the year (Nominee) in 2015

SiriusXM indie Awards – Group of the Year (Winner) in 2015

SiriusXM indie Awards – Artist of the Year (Winner) in 2015

Juno Awards – Rock Album of the Year (Winner) in 2018

Juno Awards -Rock Album of the Year (Winner).



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