The Best Credit Cards with No Balance Transfer Fees to Get This July

Want to transfer your debt to a new credit card that has a lower interest? Here are the best cards devoid of any balance transfer fees. Transferring your credit card balance from an account that has a high-interest rate to one with a long intro 0% APR period can help you pay your own debt without adding up more interest. Before you pick a card to transfer the debt, still, make sure you checked the balance transfer fees.

The Best Credit Cards with No Balance Transfer Fees
The Best Credit Cards with No Balance Transfer Fees

Some credit card issuers might demand a fee typically 3% to 5% to accept the balance transfers into a new account.

Some other credit cards, nevertheless, waive the balance transfer fees totally, making them an eye-catching choice to cardholders who really do not want more of a charge burden. Have it awareness that once the intro APR period has expired on your new credit card, most will have at least the average interest rate of 16.13%, per Bankrate.

The Best Credit Cards with No Balance Transfer Fees

A balance transfer card could be a potent tool in your debt-busting stash. A 0% APR bid on a credit card can help save money by having all of your payments go to whacking out the main balance instead of some of them being drained off to pay interest charges.

Most of balance transfer cards charge a balance transfer fee. When calculating which of the balance transfer card makes the most sense for you, make sure your reason in the fee, alongside the amount of debt you are looking to transfer and the period you need to pay off your bill.

You can use the balance transfer calculator to help decide which balance transfer card makes the most logical for your requirements. To get started with some of the best options that are available today, check out some of the best picks as you read down.

Best Credit Cards with No Balance Transfer Fees to Get This July

Union Bank® Platinum™ Visa® Credit Card

The Union Bank® Platinum™ Visa® Credit Card offers 15 months of 0% starting APR on the two buys and total exchanges, with $0 in surplus exchange expenses assuming that you complete your first balance transfer inside the initial 60 days of record opening (from that point onward, 3% of each exchange with at least $10).

After the limited-time APR period closes, you’ll be dependent upon a variable APR of 8.49% to 19.99% – – the lower end of this array is very competitive when compared to most balance transfer cards. There is likewise no yearly expense, making this a protected card to move your equilibrium to with no additional expenses in the event that you’re constant.

Wings Visa Platinum Card

Wings Financial Credit Union is situated in Minnesota, yet you can join by making a $5 gift to the Wings Financial Foundation. From that point onward, you can apply for the Wings Visa Platinum Credit Card*, which charges no yearly or equilibrium move expenses and offers a year of 0% early on APR on balance moves and buys (8.15% to 18.00% variable APR from there on).

First Tech Platinum Mastercard

First Tech Federal Credit Union is based out of San Jose, California, and provided food at first to workers of tech organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Today, you can turn into a part in the event that you work for one of their accomplice organizations or become an individual from the Computer History Museum (a small token is paid for a yearly enrollment) or the Financial Fitness Association (for yearly participation).

The First Tech Platinum Mastercard* credit card likewise offers 12 charging cycles of 0% starting APR on balance moves (6.99% to 18.00% variable APR from there on) with no credit card balance transfer fees expenses.

Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum Credit Card

The Navy Federal Credit Union is for individuals from the military, veterans, and their close relatives. If you meet all the requirements for this card, you can appreciate a year of 0% basic APR on balance moves with a 6.24% to 18% variable APR from there on – – alongside no balance transfer charges. In any case, you’ll need to start the balance transfer in no less than 60 days of opening your account to exploit this proposition.

What Is A Balance Transfer Credit Card?

If you wind up striving under the heaviness of exorbitant interest credit card obligation, a balance transfer card can assist with bringing some relief. Balance transfer cards offer 0% early on APR periods on balance moves going from a half year to over a year. They permit each penny of your regularly scheduled installments to go toward the balance during the limited time frame rather than the balance in addition to interest charges.

A balance transfer allows you to save money on existing high-interest debt by transferring of your balance to a card with a lower loan fee or one with a 0% APR offer on balance moves.

How Does A Balance Transfer Work?

The fundamental objective of a balance transfer is to get a good deal on existing obligations. A balance transfer card can set aside cash by permitting you to move your obligation to another credit card in a perfect world with a lower rate. Whenever you’ve transferred the debt, you’ll make installments to the new card. Preferably, you wouldn’t charge anything to your new balance transfer card so you can focus in on paying down the balance.

Since the vast majority of credit cards come with balance transfer charges, it commonly possibly checks out to take this action if the new card has a lower financing cost than your current obligation or accompanies a low limited-time special on the new card.

What Is A Balance Transfer Fee?

A balance transfer fee is a sum you’ll be charged to transfer your debt from one card onto the next. Usually, it’s 3% or 5% of the sum being transferred. Prior to applying for a balance transfer card, it’s vital to consider any expenses you might need to pay as this will add to your current debt.

How Long Does A Balance Transfer Take?

It commonly takes somewhere in the range of two to seven days for your transfer request to be done, however it depends upon the guarantor of the card you are seeking to transfer a balance to.



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