Tesla Insurance – How To Get Tesla Insurance

Currently, Tesla has begun to sell Insurance to its customers in some states like Texas. This insurance coverage rate totally depends on its proprietary – “Safety Score”.

Tesla Insurance
Tesla Insurance

It includes how safely and often a car owner drives his/her Tesla car. Also, according to Tesla, some factors that would not affect the cost or rate includes accidents or driving violations. If you ever wonder why the rate of insuring a Tesla auto is high or expensive, then read this article. Also, you will understand how to go about researching the best insurance company for your vehicle.

Tesla Insurance

With this insurance, you can get competitive rates in Arizona, California, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas in a few minutes. InsureMyTesla is a specific insurance plan underwritten by Oman Insurance Company focused on convenience, enhanced protection, and increased value, rewarding your choice with benefits for Tesla drivers and owners.

InsureMyTesla Insurance

This is the comprehensive auto motor vehicle insurance program made for Tesla owners and their cars. It is available to any Tesla owner and covers accidental loss or damage to your insured vehicle.

InsureMyTesla Benefits

They offer:

  • A new car replacement after a total loss for up to 24 months or 40,000km
  • 20% standard excess reduction cost after 90 days, and subject to a minimum $500 excess
  • Cover for loss or damage to home charging equipment
  • Full glass coverage including your Tesla panoramic roof
  • Rental car reimbursement (optional)

And many more

Tesla Insurance Cost

The cost of a Tesla Car Insurance varies on certain factors. Such factors may include model, selected trim, and also factors used to determine a car insurance rate like driving history, location or region, and a number of coverages. From research and reports, the average cost of insuring a Tesla car is about $4,548 per year. And keep in mind other factors may affect the price either going high or low.

Among the list of Tesla car models, the Model Y cost less in insuring. This means that it is not expensive to put in insurance. Even with the fact that the Model Y is not the cheapest Tesla car, but structures of the car allow it to have a cheap ensuring coverage. Keep in mind that the current tesla’s most expensive car to insure is the Model X (Tesla’s high-end SUV).

Tesla Car Insurance

If you are wondering why the Tesla Car Insurance is high or expensive, know that it is one of the most expensive luxury cars in the world. Insuring a big commodity or an expensive one cannot be done at a low cost.

Tesla vehicles also have a high cost of repair, and thus tend to increase the cost of collision coverage. So, if you have a Tesla car, then you might want to make research on the best insurance company that suits your affordability.

Tesla Insurance Quote

There are a lot of auto insurance companies that offer car owners the incredible cost of an insurance quote and policy. If you are in search of the cheapest insurance for any car, the best method is price and rate comparison. From research, Progressive Insurance is one of the largest insurers that offer cheap auto insurance rates even for Tesla in California.

Continue with the guided instructions to complete this process.

How To Get Tesla Insurance

To get insurance under this company, you will have to create an account on the platform:

  • Launch your web browser
  • Enter the URL https://www.tesla.com/insurance
  • Click on CONTINUE
  • Sign in using your email address and password if you already have an account. Otherwise, click on CREATE ACCOUNT
  • Select your region under the “Select Market” tab and select language
  • Enter your first name, last name, email address, and password
  • Tick on the checkbox to agree to Tesla’s privacy notice and terms of use
  • Enter the characters in the picture given to verify you are human
  • Head over to your mail and click on the verification link sent to you from Tesla

Next is to head over to your account and click on the Insurance tab. Provide all the necessary information needed about you and your vehicle, and get insured.


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