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The Tell subway survey is conducted by Subway. Subway is one of the most popular franchises in fast food meals, and it is basically known as a food restaurant in America. If you have not been to this amazing restaurant, then you can try to pay a visit this year and try out Subway’s amazing food services and products.

Tell Subway Survey

You will have the chance to win gifts and rewards through the Tell Subway survey for their customers. For you to have the chance to win gifts and rewards, you just have to take part in the survey. Yes, once you take part and complete the survey, you will be able to win coupons and rewards.

Tell Subway Survey

The Tell Me Subway survey is just like an online feedback programme designed to get honest feedback, reviews, and suggestions from their customer experience. That is why Subway is willing to give away coupons that can be redeemed for delicious free cookies at a branch of subway. If you are just finding out about the Tell Subway survey through this article, you will be able to take part in the survey. All the tips and tricks for the subway will be available right here on this page.

Subway Survey Customer Satisfaction Rewards

Just like mentioned above, you don’t just give your feedback, you have a chance to earn rewards, coupons, and gifts. To get all this fantastic reward, you just have to provide sincere feedback and claim the prize. You can expect anything as your reward. You could end up with a delicious Subway treat.

Eligible criteria for Subway Survey

These are the eligibility criteria you need to be aware of before you can take part in the Tell Subway survey:

  • You must have made a purchase to participate in the survey.
  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older to take part in the survey.
  • Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates are not valid to take the survey.
  • Your receipt should not be older than 5 days.
  • You can take the survey once every 7 days. The entry is available for only one person per week.
  • Employees and family members should not participate in the survey.
  • The participant is notified by mail or by phone call to claim the prize.

Those are the eligibility criteria you need to know before you start the survey.

Requirements for Subway Surveys

There are certain things that are required from you to partake in the survey. To take the subway customer satisfaction survey, follow the requirements below:

  • Get a subway receipt. The purchase receipt should not be older than 5 days.
  • You need a device with an internet connection, like a mobile phone or laptop.
  • Be able to read and write the English language to give your feedback.
  • Take the survey at the Subway office survey web page.

With those things listed above, you are good to go for the survey.

How to take the Subway Survey

If you have been finding it hard to start the survey, you will be able to partake in this survey. Through this part of the article, you will be able to get all the information you need regarding the hope of taking the subway survey. Here are the steps to take the Subway survey:

  • Visit their official survey website at
  • Once you get to the page, you have to enter some information to begin the survey.
  • This information includes a valid email address, your first name, and your last name.
  • Then you can click on “Begin survey” on a green background.
  • You will be asked to provide some details.
  • Enter your subway receipt transaction number.
  • Put down the date and time of visit as printed on the receipt, then click on “Next.”
  • Start answering all the questions genuinely. It will be about your thoughts on their services.
  • Comment and give ratings based on your experience with your last visit to any subway location.
  • When you are finished, provide your personal contact information.
  • To get your code to submit your opinion in the subway survey,

If you are done with answering all the necessary questions and you have collected your subway cookie survey code on your receipt, You can write the Subway cookie survey code on your receipt and redeem it on your next visit.

Commonly Asked Questions

What do you get when you do a subway survey?

There are a lot of things you can get after you are done with the subway survey. A collecting some transactional information, the survey asks your likelihood to recommend the subway, based on a scale of 0-10.

How do I redeem free subway cookies?

Once you have completed the survey and get the validation code. Write it on the receipt and show it to the cashier on your next visit to the restaurant to get the free cookie

What do you get for filling out a subway survey?

You will get a free cookie on your next visit to your nearby subway restaurant, once you complete Tell subway and subway listens to the survey.

How do I use the Subway survey code?

If you do not know how to use the subway survey code, handwrite the offer code on your receipt and bring it to a participating subway restaurant within 5 days of taking the survey. At any checkout, show your sandwich artist the offer code.


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