Sway Bar Link Replacement Cost – How to Replace Sway Bar Link

If the Sway Bar Link on your car is broken and you want to find out the Sway Bar Link Replacement Cost, you are reading the right article. The question “What is a Sway Bar Link?” would be answered and in addition to this, you would learn how to replace a Sway Bar Link at home. So, kindly read to the end to learn more.

Sway Bar Link Replacement Cost
Sway Bar Link Replacement Cost

Sway Bar Link Replacement Cost

Before you proceed to have the knowledge of the Sway Bar Link Replacement cost, you should know what the Sway Bar Link is. The Sway Bar Link is an automotive component that connects the Sway Bar to the control arm of a vehicle. This helps the Sway Bar to perform its function well.

The Sway Bar Link is also known as the anti-roll or anti-sway bar. This bar is an automotive suspension that aids in stabilizing a vehicle when it makes a turn or during cornering. This is to ensure that the vehicle does not lean into the curve too heavily.

For some vehicles, the Sway bar Link may last for a lifetime. However, due to continuous work and the pressure on it, the Sway bar Link may get damaged or broken thus necessitating repair.

How much Does it Cost to Replace Sway Bar Link?

The importance of the Sway bar link in your vehicle cannot be over-emphasized. With this, you may be concerned about the cost of replacing your Sway bar link.  The cost of a sway bar link costs over $100 and this varies based on the store you make your purchase. Also, the cost of replacing it would depend majorly on your personal mechanic. So, you should contact your mechanic to know the service fee for the Sway bar link replacement.

Sway Bar Link Symptoms

Having known much about the Sway bar link and how much its replacement costs, it is necessary for you to know the Sway bar link symptoms. The symptoms here signify the signs that indicate that your Sway bar link is broken or damaged and needs a replacement. Watch out for these signs to know if your vehicle needs a Sway bar link replacement:

  • When you notice that your car becomes unstable when negotiating a bend or corner, this could be a sign you need a sway bar replacement. Knowing that the Sway bar link is associated with the stability of your car when taking a turn, the swerving of your car is one of the Sway bar link symptoms.
  • Clanking and metal-like sounds when traveling on an uneven road also indicate that your Sway Bar link needs a replacement.
  • When your vehicle struggles to find grip or bends when cornering, this is a Sway bar link symptom.

You could also drive your vehicle down to your mechanic and have him/her do a physical check on the Sway Bar Link. This is done by getting under the car and checking if the links are worn out or disconnected from either the sway bar or the control arm of your vehicle. Having done this, you should replace your vehicle’s Sway bar link as soon as possible if it needs a replacement to prevent damage to the Sway bar and your vehicle.

How to Replace Sway Bar Link

If you enjoy doing your vehicle repairs, you can replace your damaged Sway bar link by yourself. This is fun and also cost-saving. However, you should have a little experience before you proceed to do this. Here are the tools and materials you would be needing:

  • Your vehicle’s Manufacturer’s guide.
  • A new sway bar link.
  • Jack and jack stand.
  • A lug wrench.
  • A ratchet.
  • A pry bar.
  • Wheel chocks.
  • Socket sets.
  • Penetrating lubricant.
  • Suitable work clothes.

With these tools and your work clothes, you are ready to replace your Sway bar link by yourself. With this, you can follow the guidelines outlined below:

  • Pack your car on a leveled surface and lift it up with the aid of a Jack.
  • Place the wheel chocks on the tires that you are not working on to keep them stationary.
  • Remove the wheel nuts from the tire you wish to work on.
  • Locate the sway bar you want to replace and unscrew the lug nuts using the lug wrench.
  • If you are finding it difficult to loosen the Lugnut, you can make use of the penetrating lubricant.
  • After you have successfully removed the lug nut, use the pry bar to apply pressure to the sway bar.
  • The Sway bar link would remove automatically when you apply pressure close to the sway bar links.
  • With the aid of the Pry bar, put the new Sway bar link and ensure it’s correctly placed.
  • Having done this, screw the nuts and lug nuts back in place.
  • Place the wheel and screw the previously nuts appropriately.
  • You can repeat this procedure for other sway bar links you wish to replace.

Having done this, you can start your car and do a road test to ensure that you replaced the Sway bar link correctly. With this, you can rest assured that your vehicle is roadworthy.



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