Super Bowling Facebook Game – Facebook Game | Play Super Bowling Game

Ever heard about the Super Bowling Facebook Game? It is a game you would definitely find interesting and very addictive. As you probably might already know, Facebook has lots of games to play including the Super Bowling game. Well, the social media giant never fails or gets tired of adding more entertainment for its users from around the world.

Super Bowling Facebook Game - Facebook Game | Play Super Bowling Game

Play Super Bowling Game

There are lots of games on the platform, which include the famous Super Bowling game. And if you’re a huge fan of this awesome game, then you are sure to enjoy it. There shouldn’t be any form of surprise, because Facebook is always working to make it as useful and entertaining as possible for its billions of users. Read on to find out more about Super Bowling Facebook Game and how to play.

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Super Bowling Game

Super Bowling Facebook Game is a fun game on the platform with 5 game modes. The five modes on Facebook Super Bowling game includes;

  • Turn-Based Match.
  • Match Play.
  • Random Match.
  • Tournaments.
  • Single Play.

These are options for the super bowling game that I have been telling you about.

Turn-Based Match

In this mode, you get to throw each frame with friends and your friends will be notified automatically even from afar. If the friend doesn’t throw, then you can use the “Nudge” to urge the throw.

Match Play

In this Super Bowling game on Facebook mode, you can compete with the scores of your friends. Some friends will be recommended and you can play with them. Or pick other friends from the “Select a Friend” option. You are also free to invite those that haven’t tried the game out to play with you.

Random Match

This is quite similar to Match Play. Instead of competing with scores of friends, you are to compete with the users you don’t know.


As the name Tournament, in this mode, you have to compete to be at the top in each rank. The ranks are, beginners pins, juniors pins, intermediate pins, professional pins, expert pins, and also master pins. The coins you have determines your entry. And you are out as the winner, you will be rewarded with a bonus.

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Single Play

Now, this is more like a training mode. You play it on your own when you want to concentrate on training.

Super Bowling Game

Super Bowling games on Facebook have five different modes, so all you have to do is to try out any of the modes you like. It is a game you play for fun and trust me, it is super addictive. The game can be played through the Facebook website from your PC, the Facebook app on your smartphone. Super Bowling on Facebook is simple and free to play, all you need to have a compatible device with an account.

Now, that brings us to the login aspect. To play the super bowling game on Facebook, you need to be a user on the platform. Or if you are not on the platform yet, you can simply create an account. As Super bowling can be played on Facebook web and apps, that means you can create an account or log in to your account using the web or app.

How to Play Super Bowling Game

To play the super bowling game on the platform, all you have to do is to access the Game center on the platform. You can use your phone or PC. Follow these steps to play Super Bowling game on your account;

  • Once your account is signed in using a web browser or the Facebook app.
  • From your account Newsfeed, hover to the “Games” or “Gaming” icon and hit on it.
  • The Facebook game center will be shown, use the search box there, and type in Super Bowling.
  • The result will be displayed, click on it to load.

Once the game is loaded on the device, click on “Play Game” to start playing the game. You can choose from any of the five modes I mentioned earlier that you can play.

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