Sony Confirms It’s Sold 7.8 Million PS5s

Now, do you know that “Sony Confirms It’s Sold 7.8 Million PS5s”? well this is one of the major updates going around now on the internet and it seems users want to get a review of the topic, well, that will not be a problem since you are reading this.

I believe you know that Sony is one of the major leading platforms when it comes to music productions, movie productions, Electronics, and many more. And it has been so for many years and they never plan to stop and that takes us to the PS5.

Sony Confirms It's Sold 7.8 Million PS5s

Sony Confirms It’s Sold 7.8 Million PS5s

Sony’s latest earnings call has given us a juicy number to digest – an updated total sales figure for the PS5, accurate to the end of March 2021. Now the number of units sold comes in at a whopping 7.8 million.

Well, that sounds like a lot, it is, and means the console is keeping pace with the PS4’s launch nicely (outstripping it slightly, in fact), even despite widespread and widely-publicized stock shortages. Also previously we knew that Sony had shifted 4.5 million PS5s by the end of 2020.

Sony Earnings

That means we are looking at a further 3.3 million units in three full months, and also the strong impression that if Sony could make more, it would very much be able to sell them as well. Also as of now, when the stock does appear, it’s gobbled up almost instantly, just like it was at launch.

Now there were some other key figures from the earnings call, too, including a 14.7 percent growth in PlayStation Plus subscribers wow what a number, taking the service to 47.6 million signed-up users. Well, this might have been influenced by Sony throwing a few more impressive titles onto the service’s pile of benefits lately.

Finally, it has also revealed an overall operating profit for the PlayStation wing of its business that stood at $3.14 billion (£2.26 billion) in the 2020 financial year, you can see a massive number that underlines how well the division is performing.

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