Skype for Business Free: Advertise Your Business to the World at Large

Have you ever thought of making your business more popular on the internet by using a social media platform to advertise your business? If you have not tried this before you really need to and you can use a platform skype. This platform now has a new development that will make your business grow very fast on social media. Here I have with you Skype for Business Free; this is the new development that the skype platform has brought to us mostly to those who are business dealers.

Skype for Business Free: Advertise Your Business to the World at Large

Skype for Business Free

This new development of skype has become helpful to so many people that deal with business advertising in one way or the other. If you have been looking for a way in which you can advertise your business here is one that is very helpful but before you can access this service. There are procedures or some special tasks you need to carry out first before anybody can use skype for business. We do know that skype is a social media platform and this platform is own by the Microsoft platform. That is to say, you can access the skype for business through the Microsoft platform. And to do that, you must be a Microsoft user.

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The special task that you need to do is for you to get office 365, without office 365 you cannot make use of Skype for business. And as the name implies, skype for business free. If you ask me if this platform is free, I will say it is not a free platform because you have to make a monthly plan subscription before you can have full access to the business service. If you want to know about the subscription plan, there it is before.

Skype Business Pricing

Below this paragraph, you are going to find the list of the pricing for skype for business.

  • We have office 365 business and the price is USD $8.25.
  • There is also an office 365 business premium USD $12.50.
  • The last pricing for office 365 business for essentials is USD $5.00.

These are the list of the pricing for skype for business and they all are all monthly plans for each user per month.

How to Access Skype for Business

To access skype for business on the web, you need a Microsoft account, through the Microsoft account that is how you can access skype for business on the web. So, the steps below will be of good guidance on how you can access the skype for business through the Microsoft platform.

  • You just have to visit the Microsoft platform by visiting Microsoft on your web browser.
  • Then log in to your account if you already have an account on Microsoft. Or you can also create one by clicking the “Create one” link you see below the login email box.
  • After you have logged in your account, click the “All Microsoft” option at the top of the home page.
  • You will see the skype option, click on it, and after that, hit the “More” option at the top again.
  • Then go to products, you will find the “Skype for Business” there, click on it and wait for the page to load.

These are the list of steps on how you can access the skype business. Below I am going to talk about how you can get office 365.

How to Get Office 365

From the list below, you can get office 365 to access skype for business.

  • Tap on the “Get Office 365” and you will see all the pricing or plans mentioned on the list above.
  • Choose your plan and follow the steps from there.

With the steps above you can access skype for business on the web and there is also a mobile app for it. you just have to download it before you can make use of it.

Skype for Business App

The skype for business app is a mobile app and it can be used on smartphones. You can download the app from the Appstore on your smartphone by searching for “Skype for Business” using the search engine that is above the Appstore homepage and when you find the app. You just have to tap on the download or install button there to download the app. Know that as long you have a Microsoft account, you do not have to create any other account because if you do.

It means that you are also creating another Microsoft account, so you can just your old Microsoft account to login to your skype for business. But if you are into business dealings and you like to create a new account for your business you do by accessing the Microsoft platform or create the account through the skype business app or after getting your office 365.

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