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Are you searching for a website platform where you can download and watch movies? if you are then SkyMovies is certainly the website to consider. The website allows users to different movie types such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistan Movies, Hollywood Hindi Movies, South Indian Hindi Movies, WWE and TNA shows, etc.

Moreover, instead of the stress of going to a cinema or film house, you can actually download it to your device via SkyMovies. Also, the site is loaded with lots of interesting movies to watch. 



SkyMovies of course with a recommended destination for movie downloads with some nice attributes. There are updates of new movies every time there are any that you can get on the internet. The site is accessible using a mobile phone or computer and you can download the movies you want in good formats.

Furthermore, there are Ad pop-ups, but who cares when you can download movies for free into your device without much stress or hassle? Just like every other movie download site, there are different categories you can suffer through.

For those that are waiting on the site URL, well here it is On the movie site, you can download almost anything or the movie type you want. I know you are eager to learn how you can download from the site, well I’ll be going into that soon, but let’s have a look at the categories on the site. 

Different Categories of SkyMovies

Just as other movie sites or platforms have different categories you can surfer through and make downloads from, SkyMovies is not an exception. Because it has plenty of loaded categories to check if you’re a fan of the movies they offer. Below are the SkyMovies categories you can find on the site.

3GP, MP4 and HD MP4 Movies

  • Hollywood Hindi Movies.
  • Hindi Old is Gold Movies.
  • South Indian Hindi Movies.
  • WWE And TNA Shows.
  • Hollywood Movies.
  • Bollywood Movies.
  • Pakistani Movies.
  • Bengali Movies.
  • HD Avi Movies.
  • New Hindi Movies.
  • TV Shows And Awards.
  • Hi-Speed Movie Browser.

These are the list of movies in 3GP, MP4, and also HD MP4 movies that you can download from their categories. Also, below is a list of several other categories of movies that are in download HD Avi movies on the site.

HD Avi Movies

  • Hollywood Hindi HD Movies.
  • WWE And TNA Shows.
  • Hollywood HD Movies.
  • Bollywood HD Movies.
  • South Hindi Dubbed Movies.
  • Hindi Old is Gold Movies.
  • Bengali HD Movies.
  • Pakistani Movies.
  • Latest Hindi Movies.
  • TV Shows And Awards.

The categories I listed above are the ones you would find on the amazing movie download site. To access and see the movies that are offered in each category, all you need to do is to hit on the category of your choice and look for the one you like.

Special Offers on the Site

Aside from the categories on the site, there are some special offers users get from SkyMovies. And they include;

  • Movies in 1&2 Parts.
  • Wiki Biography.
  • Signature Creator.
  • Wiki Bio Hindi.
  • Search Movies.
  • Request for Movie.
  • Report Error.
  • Disclaimer (Must Read).
  • Contact With Us.

These are all the categories on this site that you can see on this site.

Skymovies Search

I believe we all know what the search does on a site, I just want to explain a little about it. It is a tool that can be founded on any movie-downloading website, not just movie websites but also other websites. This tool helps users easily find an item on a site, and come back to this site. For instance, you want to download a movie on this site that you can’t find on the site’s homepage.

Moreover, With the help of the search tool, you can look for the movie you want to download by typing the name of the movie inside the search tool and then searching for it. You will be able to find the movie and the name on the result page and you can just click on it to proceed with the download.

Downloading movies from this site, are placed into different collections from one (1) to the last collection. The last collections of movies after clicking a category of movies you want to download are the latest collections of movies that are recently released. We have movies from 2021 and 2023 on the site that you will find interesting to watch. You can also watch and download wrestling match videos on the site also.

Download Movies on Skymovies

Downloading movies is simple and free. Also, there are different categories you choose to download from on the site. Below I will be showing you how to download movies from the site;

Hollywood Movies;

  • Kindly, choose the category on the site’s Homepage but first, you have to visit the website
  • When you have accessed the website, select any of the collections on the page.
  • Now a new page of Hollywood movies would be loaded. You can also make use of the search bar to look for a movie.
  • Scroll through them and once you locate the one you want, hit on it.
  • On the download page, hit on the link to proceed with the download on your device.

Bollywood Movies Download;

  • First, select the category from the homepage by visiting
  • Then proceed by choosing the movie you would like to download or use the search engine to find it faster.
  • After that tap on the one, you want once the page is loaded.
  • Then ensure that you choose the quality of movies and start downloading.

The steps listed above are the same steps that you need to follow in downloading others on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some frequent questions asked about SkyMovies for you to get more understanding. 

What Does SkyMovies give you?

SkyMovies offers lots of people that access the platform and also others that are yet to access it over 1000 movies to watch on demand and other amazing offers. 

Is SkyMovies the same as Sky Cinema?

SkyMovies is actually the new name for SkyMovies and it is available to Sky TV, Virgon TV, BT TV, and Talk Talk TV customers. 

Can you have just Sky Cinema?

Well, you can actually get Sky Cinema if you are a customer of Sky TV and it is also available from major-pay TV providers such as Virgin Media, BT, and Talk Talk. 

Can you cancel Sky Cinema After a month?

Yes, you can, and to do that you will need to contact Sky to reduce some part of your TV package or completely cancel it with the required notice of a month if you are out of contract. 



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