Service AdvanceTrac – How to Fix/Reset the Advancetrac Service Light

Service AdvanceTrac, what does it mean? Advance trac is a system alert that usually comes up when there is an issue with your traction. Or if you are over, or understeer the car.

Service AdvanceTrac
Service AdvanceTrac

However, the system alert may also pop up if your car is hit from behind or if you have an issue driving out of line due to poor weather. Continue reading to learn more about the service AdvanceTrac in a vehicle, and how to handle the issue.

Service AdvanceTrac

Service AdvanceTrac is very common in Ford car. If you have a Ford car, you might have notice a curious message displayed upon your car, truck, or SUV’s dash.

Luckily, issues like this are far from the end of the line for your trusty Ford, and a solution to such issues is seldom as difficult to come by as one might believe.

What is AdvanceTrac?

AdvanceTrac is simply Ford’s proprietary version of Electronic Stability Control (ESC). It is designed to prevent vehicle skid during extreme circumstances, thereby minimizing the risk of an accident.

Moreover, the Ford’s AdvanceTrac system is relatively complex in nature, and utilizes a number of sensors to monitor wheel speed, as well as various other facets of vehicle stability.

It combines several individual safety systems into a single integrated system, in order to further minimize the chance of a traction-loss-induced accident.

Functions Of AdvanceTrac System

Here are the functions of Ford’s AdvanceTrac system.

Anti-Lock Brake Function

The Anti-Lock brake systems helps to prevent a car from skidding under panicked braking conditions. So, when one or more wheels lock under significant brake pressure, this stoppage is communicated to a vehicle’s ABS controller by way of a wheel speed sensor. Then, this software commands the system’s ABS pump motor/valve body assembly to rapidly pulsate brake pressure to the affected wheel, thereby breaking the skid.

Traction Control Function

The work of a traction control system is to compare data from speed sensors at each wheel end location. However, if the system’s controller detects an irregularity in wheel speed from one wheel to the next, power to any wheel that shows excessive speed will be cut, or brake pressure will be applied.

This effectively equals the speed between each of a vehicle’s four wheels, thereby remedying any prior loss of traction.

Directional Orientated Stability Control Function

Cars now depends numerous sensors to identify car instability, as skidding occurs. These sensors relay a comprehensive picture of the Car’s orientation while in a skid, to a specified controller, which shift power output and brake pressure to each wheel as needed for stabilization.

Sources of feedback for this operation has to do with steering wheel angle sensors, yaw rate sensors, and accelerometers.

Why Does the “Service AdvanceTrac” Warning Light Come On?

A Car’s Service AdvanceTrac warning light can turn on for a number of reasons, but most often it has to do with sensor-related issues. Should incase, the system controller has registered a fault, which makes proper operation impossible.

However, the most common causes of an illuminated Service AdvanceTrac warning light are as follows:

  • Failing Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Faulty Rotational Speed Sensor
  • Bad steering Angle Sensor
  • A compromised Steering System Components
  • Damaged Sensor Wiring
  • System Programming Issues

These are common reasons why Service AdvanceTrac warning lights comes On.

Can I Continue Driving With the Service AdvanceTrac Light On?

Yes, you can drive your car when it has service AdvanceTrac issues. Some cars automatically disable all AdvanceTrac related functions, when an active system fault has been detected.

Further, AdvanceTrac related problem are not detrimental to a car’s drivability, as is mostly the case when an engine or transmission-based trouble code is stored. In such case, your car is simply attempting to bring your attention to an underlying fault in its stability system.

How to Fix/Reset the Service AdvanceTrac Light

In most cases, diagnosis of the issue at hand will need the use of a premium scan tool, and a trained eye. However, the avid DIY mechanic can always perform their own visual inspection in an attempt to root out obvious concerns.

So, when attempting to locate the root cause of an AdvanceTrac related issue, it is advisable to carefully inspect each wheel’s speed sensor and corresponding wiring harness pigtail. Check for any signs of frayed, pinched, or corroded wires.

Also, ensure that all connections between these sensors and their intermediate harnesses are viable. Then, unplug each speed sensor pigtail from its intermediate harness to check for water intrusion.

Moreover, in some cases, it might also be possible to check for supply voltage and ground at corresponding modules within the system.

Without full system input voltage, and a stable, resistance-free ground feed, the AdvanceTrac system can experience interruptions in operation. If a vehicle-specific wiring diagram or pin-out reference will be required to conduct such checks.

If you are still unable to locate any obvious source of failure, kindly take the car to the nearest technician.



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