Scholarships in Nigeria – Best List of Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria

In the past years, Nigeria has witnessed a great boom in the number of available scholarships in the country for students. Scholarships in Nigeria have different sponsors such as the government, organizations, and also companies.

They offer a list of Undergraduate Scholarships for Nigerian youths to study within the country or outside. Most of the scholarships are fully funded or partial tuition including some benefits like lodging cost, transport, or monthly allowance.

There are some documents that are required and we will be discussed more below. So read on to find out more about Scholarships ongoing in Nigeria.

Scholarships in Nigeria

Scholarships in Nigeria

Scholarships in Nigeria are all about the scholarship schemes or programs that are available to Nigerian students. Each year, students from Nigeria migrate to foreign countries for the advancement of their studies. United Kingdom is one of the top places alongside the USA, Canada, etc. There are lots of Scholarships going on.

Students are encouraged to know the application deadlines as most of them don’t fall within the present time. In other words, you need to be alert anytime to prepare ahead. Before listing the top Scholarships available, let’s look at some of the requirements or documents needed.

Documents Required for Scholarships

Most of the scholarships are fully funded by the sponsors until the student graduates. But however, students won’t get the scholarships if they’re not eligible or fail to submit the required documents during application.

That is why it is good to go through the others to find the one you’re eligible for. Apply for the one you’re qualified for. There are different requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Requirements for Undergraduate;

  • A copy of a Passport Photograph.
  • An admission letter from either Jamb or School.
  • Student’s school ID.
  • Local Government of Origin Identification.
  • O Level Results (WAEC, NECO or GCE).
  • Recent Jamb Result.
  • Student Birth Certificate.
  • National Identification Number is required, but in most cases it is optional.

Post Graduate Requirement;

  • A completed scholarship application form.
  • A Copy of student passport/ID.
  • Copies of your transcripts/ diplomas.
  • Your letter of motivation or Purpose.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Resume (CV – Curriculum Vitae).
  • Test scores and they should be standardized.

Here are some additional documents that are required;

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Certificate of Graduation for postgraduate.
  • Certification of graduation or bachelor’s degree for Ph.D. or research.
  • Then the proposal for research.

The documents required may differ with respect to the scholarship concerned.

Nigeria Scholarships – List of Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria

As a Student in Nigeria, you can actually obtain your undergraduate degree through a variety of Scholarship opportunities. The following re the undergraduates’ scholarships in Nigeria for students apply for;

BEA (Bilateral Education Agreement Awards

The Federal Government through the Ministry of Education via the Federal Scholarship Board offers the BEA overseas scholarships to Undergraduates, doctoral and masters students in Nigeria.

It is eligible for the youths after due process by the partners or sponsors of the awards. Reciprocal awards are offered to citizens of the BEA Countries, which include Cuba, China, and Romania.

PTDF Scholarships Program (Both for Nigeria and Oversea)

Nigeria Federal Ministry of Petroleum offers suitable undergraduates, masters and Ph.D. students with the PTDF Scholarship Scheme. The scheme’s scholarships are awarded for studies in the UK and France, and then in top Universities in the Country. For undergraduates’ students now, they can only study within Nigeria in the approved subject areas.

MTN Foundation Scholarships

MTN Foundation Scholarship is actually fully funded where a maximum of 500 qualified full-time Nigerian students studying science and Technology courses are awarded. The scholarship covers a monthly allowance, books, and also tuition.

Chevron/ NNPC University Scholarship

This one is for students in their second year of full-time study in approved courses in the Universities. The Chevron/ NNPC scholarship covers the entire program the student offered.

Shell Nigeria University Scholarship Programme

The Petroleum Development Company Nigeria scholarship scheme offers first-year students in the Universities the privilege to study. Students study with an annual grant from SPDC Joint Venture all through the course duration.

Other Scholarships in Nigeria

Below are some other scholarship schemes that are offered in Nigeria;

  • Chevron Agbamin Undergraduate Scholarships.
  • Agbami Scholarships.
  • Shell Nigeria University Scholarship Programme.
  • Agip Oil Company Undergraduate Scholarships.
  • Mobil Nigeria Undergraduate National Scholarship Programme.
  • Nigeria LNG Scholarship.
  • Total Nigeria National Merit Scholarship.
  • Young Women’s Scholarship Program.
  • American University of Nigeria Scholarships.
  • Nigerian Girls Scholarship Fund.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships.
  • University of Sheffield Undergraduate Scholarships.

These are the list of other scholarships in Nigeria. Also, know that there are still other scholarships apart from the ones listed up here. For more check here



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