Rotten Tomatoes Movies: Get Best Movies with 100% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Who among us has tried accessing rotten tomatoes before? Just like the way the topic implies Rotten Tomatoes Movies, most of us will be having some other thought about this. Not knowing that rotten tomatoes are a movie rating website just like we have Fzmovies, Netnaija, and the rest. The amazing thing about this website is that it also rates movies, this will be able to tell you if the movie is okay or not.

Rotten Tomatoes Movies: Get Best Movies with 100% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten tomatoes are a very wide website that deals with all kinds of movies starting from “A to Z”. There is more to learn about the site of rotten tomatoes only by reading through the article to the end.

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Rotten Tomatoes Movies

Still talking about the website “Rotten Tomatoes” and that of the movies. According to “Wikipedia”, it is said that rotten tomatoes are a website of the American that reviews aggregation sites for movies and television. For further information, it has been in an existence right from the year 1998 and was launched by three students who are undergraduates at the University of California, Berkeley. The names of the three students are Senh Duong, Patrick Y. Lee, and Stephen Wang. Among three of the students there, one among them that brought the idea which is the main founder and that is the student of Senh Duong.

Rotten Tomatoes Genres

I think every one of us here knows what the word is “Genres”. When it comes to genres it’s talking about the category of movies on the site. One thing you should understand is that every movie website has a movie category or genre. With the “Genres” or “Category” of the movie, you can choose the aspect of the movie you want to rate from.

Speaking of rotten tomatoes, it is filled with different categories of movies. We have a category like “Movies, TV Shows, RT Podcast, News, and Showtimes”. All these are a category on the site and under each of these categories there are other sub-categories as well. You will notice them as soon as you visit the site.

Rotten Tomatoes Website

Just like I have said earlier, that the site deals with movie rating and also meant for rating movies which of course is a site of his own. The website is what we are going to be looking into now on how you can access or visit the platform on your device. Without knowing the site URL, you can’t visit or access the website on your own. With the help of the URL, you can access the site.

The website URL of rotten tomatoes is when you type in this link on your device web browser. It will direct you straight to the site homepage where all kinds of movies are displayed.

Rotten Tomatoes Movie Rating or Ranking

For you to know if a movie you are thinking of downloading from any other website, you can quickly visit rotten tomatoes to see if the movie is highly rated or ranked. You know most times when you download movies in other to watch them, you will find out that the movie does not worth your expectation. It is possible for you to run a rating check-up on the movie on this site before downloading it.

For you to know movies that have all the qualities, the movie rating or ranking score will be above 50%. But anything below 50% down, know that no many features in the movie. You can also make use of the search bar at the top of the homepage to search for movies by typing in the name of the movie you want to check on.

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