Rice Cooker – Why You Need a Rice Cooker in 2022

I know you might be wondering what the need for a rice cooker is. Anyone who regularly cooks rice knows it can habitually be complicated to get it right each time. Much like science, if the water levels in the pot are not accurate, or the stove temperature is not well adjusted, you will end up with soggy, crunchy even worst, burnt rice. And while the quick option is to simply throw ‘rice in a bag’ in the microwave, this seldom gives you that authentic taste and flavor.

Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker

But if you are someone that maybe dreads the guesswork of cooking rice in a pot, you are definitely not the only one. There have been many times when many of us have tried to perfect the fluffy basmati rice to emulate our favorite Indian takeout. Sadly, this has not always gone as planned, always leaving you to let down (and hungry) during mealtimes.

Rice Cooker

But, all that can change with a good rice cooker. Who knew that a simple piece of equipment could make cooking rice so easy? And while this humble appliance might seem old-fashioned, dissimilar to the best Instant Pots or the best air fryers, a rice cooker is a must-have for you to get quality rice dishes.

After all, who has the time to stand by a boiling pot of rice, continually stirring, and having to scrub it clean at when done?  If you’re still unsure, here are eight reasons why you should buy a rice cooker and let it do all the work.

Why You Need a Rice Cooker

You Will Never Burn Rice

Rice cookers are intended to cook at the exact temperature and will naturally set to ‘keep warm’ whenever it’s cooked flawlessly. So you will not need to stress over half-cooked or overcooked rice once more! Since it tenderly steams it, you’ll have predictable, sweet-smelling and fleecy grain surfaces those preferences are delightful. Additionally, you will not need to remain by the pot and screen it the entire time.

It Can Cook the Different Types of Rice Grains Perfectly

Various sorts of grains, for example, white basmati or earthy colored rice, require explicit cooking techniques and times. The modest rice cooker is prepared to deal with a rice grain so you will not need to stress. This is great especially if you like to try different things with a scope of rice recipes, from risotto to fragrant dishes.

Quick and Simple To Use

The best things about rice cookers is they in a real sense do all the difficult work for you. Essentially add the rice and water prior to turning it on to cook. Then pass on it to stew and cook the grains flawlessly. You don’t need to screen when it’s prepared, or switch the rice cooker off straight away. It will just snap onto ‘keep warm’ mode once it’s totally finished.

It Keeps Rice Warm for Mealtimes

If you don’t fancy eating your flavorful rice straight away, a rice cooker will keep it at a warm, safe temperature. This will guarantee it’s consistently prepared to eat at eating times without warming in a microwave.

The Rice tastes better

Since rice cookers are intended to control the cooking temperature, this assists the rice in withholding its sweet-smelling flavor, bringing about more delicious rice. Furthermore, the steam makes the rice outstandingly delicate, contrasted and cooking in an oven or in a microwave.

They Cook Rice Better Compared To In a Multi-Cooker

These days, you can find multi-useful cookers, for example, Instant Pots with a Rice program. Nonetheless, since it’s not explicitly intended to cook rice like a rice cooker (it’s in the name), the surface and flavors are rarely as great. At the end of the day, nothing can beat the exhibition and delectable aftereffects of rice cookers.

Affordable Appliance

In contrast with costly kitchen machines, for example, the best microwaves or best toasters, you can undoubtedly get a rice cooker for under $50. This all relies upon the limit, which begins from 3-cup cookers ideal for 1-2 individuals, up to 30-cup cookers for the entire family. Likewise, if you cook rice consistently, this will save you time and end up being beneficial speculation.

Simple to Clean

If you invest in energy scouring pots after use, a rice cooker is a breeze to clean. Most rice cookers accompany a non-stick, internal pot which implies there ought to be no hints of rice adhering to the base. Furthermore, make sure that they are dishwasher protected to save you the difficulty!

Best Rice Cookers to Buy

  • Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy 5.5 Cup Premium Rice Cooker.
  • Zojirushi 3-Cup Rice Cooker.
  • Dash Mini Rice Cooker.
  • Aroma Rice Cooker.
  • Tiger Micom 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker.
  • Instant Pot Duo.

The rice cooker has so many benefits, so why not go get yours now.



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