How to Make Pancakes – Recipe To Make a Homemade Pancake

Do you know How to Make Pancakes? No doubt that pancakes is a favorite to many for breakfast. Hey seem so simple but in reality, they’re pretty difficult to make. They can’t be too thin, too thick; they can’t be burnt or under cooked.

How to Make Pancakes


It always seems that the first one is always the worst and you’re never supposed to eat it. So, how do you make the perfect pancake? Read down to get more details. Pancakes are ‘flat cakes’, usually thin and round, prepared from a starch batter to which you also add eggs, milk, and butter. They’re fried on both sides in a pan, using oil or butter.

How to Make Pancakes

The Ancient Greeks made pancakes called tagenias, which translate to “frying pan.” Have a look below for the top 13 more fun and interesting facts about pancakes and all about this meal traditions from all around the world.


They are found almost in every culture. It is a thin flat cake made from batter and fried in a pan or on a griddle. Batter is usually made from eggs, flour, milk or water, oil or melted butter. Sometimes batter can be made from buttermilk.

Mardi Gras and International Pancake Day fall on the same day. Below, we’ve summed up the most famous pancake traditions around the world.

How to Make Pancakes with Mix

Making a homemade pancake mix just means keeping the right ratios of dry ingredients ready to go. You’ll simply scoop some mix, add some wet ingredients and you’re on your way to fluffy pancake perfection in minutes.

Buying and preparing all of your own foods is the single easiest way to ensure that you know exactly what your family is eating.  It is also a great way to save money on groceries!  Most pre-made baking mixes are typically simply mixtures of very simple, common dry baking ingredients.

How to Make Pancakes Fluffy

Say goodbye to the boxed pancake mix. Everything you need to make delicious pancakes is probably sitting in your kitchen right now.

This recipe is easy! The pancakes aren’t too sweet and are lightly scented with vanilla. They are delicious and they are easily adapted to what you have in your kitchen. Follow the steps below;

  • Use fresh ingredients – Believe it or not, old ingredients can make your pancakes fall flat (especially baking powder).
  • Do not overmix – A few lumps are not only ok, they’re required!
  • Grease your pan with oil – You’ll want a well-greased pan and butter can burn.
  • Flip when bubbles pop – as soon as the bubbles pop, you will want to flip your pancakes.

With the steps above you can easily make a fluffy pancake.

Ingredients to Make Pancakes

We love simple, no-fail recipes and this recipe is just that. It’s quick to make, and we’re willing to bet you’ve got everything you need to make them right now. We call for eggs in this recipe. If you are looking for egg-free pancakes, here is our recipe for vegan meal.

Pancakes Making Recipe

Ingredients include:

  • 190 gr Plain Flour.
  • 2 raw Eggs.
  • 200ml whole milk OR evaporated milk. Or 3tablesponful powdered milk in water.
  • 2 tablespoonful Butter/margarine (melted) or vegetable oil.
  • 4 tablespoonful Sugar (more or less).
  • Chili pepper or Scotch bonnet.
  • 1 tablespoonful Onions.
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt.
  • A pinch of Nutmeg (optional).
  • 1-2 tablespoonful vegetable oil (for greasing the pan).

Follow the recipes above to make a delicious pancake.

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