OnePlus Nord Buds Review – OnePlus Nord Buds Price and Availability

OnePlus has become a consistent fitting of the wireless earbud market with several models that ranges from the budget-friendly Buds Z through to the high-end Buds Pro. Currently, the company is debuting its first set of earbuds under its even more budget-oriented Nord brand which was formerly well-known only for phones. There are some negotiations, which are to be expected for a very approachable budget price tag, but these buds strike a great balance between cost and quality.

OnePlus Nord Buds Review
OnePlus Nord Buds Review

With the Nord Buds, OnePlus has bare things down to its basics, with no active noise-cancellation, fancy codecs, wireless charging, or even in-ear detection. You do, however, get some other things like the IP55 rating and four microphones with AI noise reduction for calls, and fast charging. All of this is an interesting and unique design.

OnePlus Nord Buds review

This OnePlus Nord bud is the company’s first audio product in the Nord series and also it is the cheapest truly wireless earbuds to date. Starting at a very cheap price the Nord Buds are intended to be a no-frills set of earbuds for those that are on a tight budget.

OnePlus hit an exceptional balance of price versus features with the Nord Buds. Though they lack a few things like ANC and wireless charging, they make up for it with their stylish design, audio quality rivaling more classy models, and a price that’s tough to beat.


  • It has Rich, customizable sound
  • It has Useful battery life with powerful quick charging
  • Has Dependable call quality and connectivity
  • It comes with Reliable touch controls


  • Has Poor wind noise reduction on calls
  • Has Bass heavy on some music tracks


  • Colors: White; black
  • Battery life (evaluated): 7 hours; 30 hours (charging case)
  • Connectivity: its Bluetooth 5.2 (codecs: SBC, AAC)
  • Water resistance: Yes it is (IP55 rated)
  • The size: 1.9 x 0.8 x 0.92 inches (per bud); 2.6 x 1.3 x 1.1 inches (charging case)
  • Weight: it weighs about 0.17 ounces (earbuds); 1.47 ounces (charging case)

OnePlus Nord Buds Price and Availability

You can buy the Nord Buds for a very cheap price via online retailers like Amazon or directly from the OnePlus website. Although both white and black color options appear to be available, you can only find the black slate version on sale as at now. It comes with three sets of different-sized tips, earbuds charging case, the USB-C charging cable, a warranty, the user guide, and a Nord emoji sticker. Take note it is currently available in black slate only

OnePlus Nord Buds Design and comfort

It has a durable build, is water and sweat-resistant, and it comes comfy, secure and fit. The Nord Buds won’t prevail upon fashionistas, yet the plan is extraordinary and engaging to the point of enduring any shade tossed via AirPods proprietors. A distending silver touch sensor sits on the front, and the oval stem is more attractive than the thin plans included on most Fake AirPods. These buds likewise share similar metallic completion as the Buds Pro.

The all-plastic casing is strong and won’t break if for any reason you step on the buds or drop them from a high distance. IP55 certificate keeps them sweat and water-safe too.

OnePlus’ charging case is essential. You’re taking a gander at a pill-molded plan with matte completion and scarcely any subtleties. There is a little LED on the front, a matching button on the back, and an enhanced Photoshop logo on top. Construct quality is shoddy, however, the cover has serious areas of strength that keep the buds securely put away.

Expect agreeable wear for 2-3 hour extends. Anything longer than that will cause touchiness on the concha, however, that is genuinely typical for most remote headphones. The tips structure a tight seal and keep the buds secured while speed-strolling or running. An ear tip fit test would have been valued, however, OnePlus saves this component for their different models.

OnePlus Nord Buds Controls and Digital Assistant

The touch sensors acknowledge single/multi-tap and long-hold signals that empower a few distinct controls. These incorporate playback, call the board, advanced help, listening mode initiation, and switch gadget access, which allows you to switch between your two most as of late associated gadgets. Input is responsive and the sensors register planned orders precisely. Seldom did they confound a triple tap for a twofold tap. The friend application permits you to relegate orders to various info techniques.

OnePlus Nord Buds Sound Quality

The Nord Buds sound far superior to their low cost could propose. OnePlus’ sound profile conveys clean, frequently adjusted sound. Bass is significant, yet it can come on areas of strength for too paying attention to specific tracks. Dolby Atmos support is installed and there’s an adjustable EQ with presets for sound personalization.

OnePlus Nord Buds: App and Special Features

OnePlus and iOS/Android clients should download the HeyMelody application to get to the Nord Buds’ elements. I’ve proactively addressed the huge ones, including control customization, EQ, and Game Mode. What is else there? Not much.

All you get are battery level markers for each bud, firmware refreshes, and an instructional exercise for the controls. Essential highlights like an auto-off clock, music player, and Find My Buds mode are absent. Not even Google’s Find My Device highlight is upheld, which is astounding since the Buds Z2 upholds it.

OnePlus Nord Buds: Battery life and Charging Case

A full charge gets you 7 hours of recess. This is near the very thing OnePlus promotes, in any event, while considering in high volume and exceptional elements. It is around 3 to 4 days of moderate use (est. 2 hours day to day) prior to re-energizing.

Discussing which, the Nord Buds accompany restrictive Flash Charge innovation that velocities up the charging system by creating 5 hours of purpose on a 10-minute charge (charging case and headphones joined). The component isn’t quite as strong as the OnePlus Buds Pro’s Warp Charge (10 minutes gets 10 hours of playback), however, it takes care of business much more rapidly than most remote headphones.

At a good price, the Nord Buds are too great to even think about missing, particularly for OnePlus traditionalists and suburbanites who want quality genuine remote execution for less. Sound is dynamic and bass weighty on occasion, yet the capacity to alter frequencies helps balance things out. The controls work easily, solace is charming, and Fast Charging is a grip for re-energizing in brief time frame ranges.



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