OneDrive Review – Online Cloud Storage Provider | Free Unlimited Cloud Storage

I have heard people complaining about their device storage capacity that it is filled up and there is no more space for them to save their data and files. If I may ask, have you thought of trying OneDrive Review, do you know that it is a storage device for saving your files and documents in the air.

OneDrive Review - Online Cloud Storage Provider | Free Unlimited Cloud Storage

If there be anyone that has not yet know about it before, I assure you are in the place because there is so much to learn about from this article. The article you see is rich and will be carrying all the information and updates that you need to know about OneDrive.

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By stepping into the paragraph that comes right after this very one, will explain better to you.

OneDrive Review

As I have mentioned in the introduction paragraph which is the first paragraph you go through before this one. I said something that OneDrive review is a device that is used in storing your files, not just that but it is also known to be an online storage device that is to say it is an online device.

The reason why this device was introduced to the world, is the reason for people running out of space on their devices. And this device was established by a company and that company is Microsoft.

What is OneDrive

According to a review done by Microsoft, OneDrive is a file service meant for hosting and also for synchronization services that are been operated by the Microsoft company as part of their web version of the office.

Now that you know the company that owns the OneDrive, what I also want every one us to know about is that this device was introduced and developed in the year 2007 and it has over 107 languages.

For the benefit of those that don’t have an idea of what file hosting service is, here I have a little explanation of it. File hosting service is known as a cloud storage service and it is an online file storage provider. Furthermore; it’s a cyberlocker for an internet hosting service that specializes in hosting user files.

As a user, you can upload or save your files and they can be accessed over the internet whenever you wish and you are requested to create an account on it using a username and password in other to secure it from others.

OneDrive for Business

I so much like this saving service because it has all the features you are looking for from any online storage devices like Dropbox and Google Drive, and even some other online storage platforms out there.

Apart from storing your personal information and data on OneDrive, you can also use it for your business. Using it for your business means that they have services for business users, like high storage capacity that is higher than the personal storage limit.

For you to apply for the business service, there are plans and pricing that you have to subscribe to which are;

  • OneDrive for business plan1 and the plan is $5.00 per month.
  • We also have OneDrive for business plan2 and that is $10.00 each month.
  • There is also a new one and that is Microsoft 365 business basic. The pricing is $5.00 monthly also.
  • Lastly, Microsoft 365 business standard and the price is higher than every other business pricing. The pricing for this plan is 12.50.

These are the plans and pricing if you are thinking of using the OneDrive for business. From here, I will like us to go back to our main topic One drive but this time we are going to be the talk of the app.

OneDrive App

Here we are, the device that I have been telling you guys about also has an app and the app is available on the app market like we have google play for Android users and for iOS users also.

As I said, it is compatible with all kinds of mobile smartphones and even computers. Right now, I will be leaving this paragraph to a new one that will direct us on how we can download the drive into our various devices like smartphones.

OneDrive App Download

Now that we have landed here on the part where I will be directing you on how to download this device app into your various devices. Be it Android, iOS, or Pc. Right now I will be starting with one of the Android devices. Follow the steps below in other to download it into your Android phones.

For Android

Here are the steps to follow if you are an Android user.

  • Put up your Android phone and navigate to your app market which is the “Google Play”.
  • Click the search box and type in “OneDrive”.
  • On the result page, you will see different apps on cloud storage. Click on the first app result “Microsoft OneDrive” and click the install button close to the app.

As you can see, you will notice that the app will be downloaded after clicking the install button. As soon the downloading process is over, the installation process of the app will follow and when it is done, you can now open the app.

For iOS Users

This process is for iOS device users, those that are using the iPhone and all. You can as well follow these steps to also get this app into your iOS phone.

  • For iOS users, access your app market like the iTunes store.
  • Then search for the app just like the way I precede in the first download process for Android users.
  • Now click on the app and click install and wait for the downloading process to be complete.

By following these steps, you can easily download the app to your iOS device.

OneDrive Download for Pc

This is another device where you can make use of the one drive on, is your Pc. Before I go into telling you how to get the app into your Pc, I will like to say something first. If you have been using your Pc for a long time now, among the list of files in your file manager.

On the left side, you will see the “OneDrive” where you can access your files that you have saved on the app without accessing the app or website. To download the app follow these steps down here.

  • Access your Pc web browser be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, or brave browser.
  • You can type in “Download OneDrive for Pc” or OneDrive Download for Pc”.
  • Click on any download link on the result page and follow the following steps according to the site instructions that you are downloading it from.
  • To round it all up, click the download link and wait.

In no time the app will start downloading and after downloading it. Access the setup file on your file manager download folder and click on it to install.

Account Registration for OneDrive

This is the last part of the article like I have said before that you must sign up for an account using a username and password in other to keep your file safe from other people and to access the platform. The following are the directions on how to create an account with the platform.

  • You can create your account in two ways, you can make use of the app or the website.
  • Visit the OneDrive website or open the app after installing it.
  • If you are using the website, click “Sign up for Free” same applies to the apps.
  • Enter the email address you want to use and click Next.
  • Set up your password and click next again.
  • Next is to enter your personal details and follow all the on-screen instructions on the sign-up page.

Note, when creating your account also means you are creating a Microsoft account. But if you already have a Microsoft account, you can just log in to proceed. All that you have read here, is all about the OneDrive review and there is so much about it.

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