Neco Registration Form – Neco Examination | Is Neco 2020 Registration Form Out


I have been writing articles on the Jamb and Waec examination but what I have for you today is different from what you have been seeing on my site. What I have for you and to share with you today is all about Neco Registration Form, when do you really think the Neco examination is starting.

Neco Registration Form - Neco Examination | Is Neco 2020 Registration Form Out

As for that question, I assure you that right inside this article you are going to find out every update on Neco. At this time, I want us to look at the table of contents to help review to us what we will be coming across as we get into the article more deeply.

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Table of contents

Down here I will be listing out the sub-headings that we are going to be talking on. Here are the sub-headers below;

  • Is Neco 2020 registration form out.
  • When is Neco 2020/2021 registration starting.
  • How much to register for Neco 2020 form.
  • How to register.
  • 2020 Neco Registration Closing Date.
  • Neco examination time table and when Neco is starting.
  • How many subject to register in Neco exam.

These are the table of contents and to our should know these are what we will be studying in this article so let begin as.

Neco Registration Form

So many of us have been waiting to hear about Neco and when the registration form is coming out. Like I said you have nothing to worry about because you will find all that you need to know all about the article.

We do know how the Neco exam is mostly those of us who have written the exam before. You know how tight the exam is, so for you to pass your Neco exam you have to start preparing for it by reading your books and studying past questions.

Is Neco 2020 registration form out

For those of us who are waiting for the announcement of the Neco examination registration form coming out. This article is to inform you that the national examination council form “Neco” has not yet been announced or released. To say the registration has not started.

When is Neco 2020/2021 Registration Starting?

Like is said in the paragraph above that the registration form has not yet been released or announced. That is to say also that the Neco Registration has not to start either but in no time you will get an update when it is out.

How Much to Register for Neco 2020 Form

Although the starting or registration date of Neco has not been made or announced yet. I think you should know about the registration cost of Neco. As of the previous years, the Neco registration cost was fixed on (11,350 nairas).

But due to the jamb form price the Neco registration cost was now beaten down to (9,850 naira). So you can purchase the form as soon as the form is out by going to any nearby center to get the form. Now over to the next header.

How to register

Speaking of the registration process is not that difficult, all you need it to do is to follow the process given to you on the registration page. The steps below will direct you on how to register for your Neco exam.

  • First, you have to visit the Neco official website by going to Neco.
  • Secondly, you need to provide a current passport and also provide your biometric fingerprint that will be needed during the registration.

Note that there is no refund of money when any candidate as made his or her payment due to errors. So you are advised to go to a good cyber cafe for registration to avoid errors and to correct any errors. You should know that Neco is no longer registered offline but online, so you have to do your registration only on the internet.

2020 Neco Registration Closing Date

As I have been saying earlier that the date as not yet been announced. Also, the closing date as not yet been announced also but you have to register as soon as possible before the registration will be over.

Neco Examination Time Table And When Neco is Starting

If you are willing to know more about Neco, the time table, and when it is starting. The starting date of the Neco exam is placed on Monday 20, 2020 and it is going to end by July 12, 2020. As for the time table, it has been released online and you can get it from “HERE”.

How Many Subject to Register in Neco Exam?

For those who want to know about the subject that Neco really does offer during registration. Neco offers 76 subjects which are grouped into the following categories and they are six of them. Below, you will find the list of the six categories where all the Neco subjects are grouped into.

  • Compulsory cross-cutting subjects.
  • Science and mathematics.
  • Technology.
  • Humanities.
  • Business studies.
  • Trade/entrepreneurship.

These are the six groups where all Neco exam subjects are grouped into.

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