NECO Registration 2022 | NECO Registration Deadline 2022

This article contained all the information consigned upcoming exam NECO 2022 Registration instructions, online registration portal, Registration fee, and registration requirements. Keep in mind, that the exam is closer than you expected.

NECO Registration 2022

In this article,  I will be giving the relevant information you need to know about the National Examination Council of Nigeria. All you need to do is to pay attention to learn more. Without wasting time or beating around the bush, let’s dive in.

We have explained the 2022 NECO form price, the NECO registration fee 2022, and the general NECO registration requirements for the 2022 registration in this article.

Close Date for Neco Registration | NECO Registration Deadline 2022

The registration started on Wednesday 30th March 2022 and will soon end Tuesday 21st June 2022 for the internal senior secondary school students.

If you are one of them reading this article, then it is better you need all the requirements for your upcoming exam. 

How Many Subjects to Register for NECO

The minimum number of subjects that candidates can sit in is 8 (Eight) and a maximum of 9 (Nine). Well, the subjects are up to seventy-six but they are grouped into six categories. Which are;

  • Science and Mathematics.
  • Compulsory Cross-Cutting Subjects.
  • Technology.
  • Humanities
  • Business Studies.
  • And Trade/ Entrepreneurship.

These are the list of grouped subjects that you can register for in the Neco registration. And if you look into my previous article, I mentioned something about this same sub-heading also.

How Much Is NECO Registration 2022

The NECO fee is to be paid once through the official NECO registration portal or at the candidate’s school.

You can get the price from the NECO services and charges portal by visiting

NECO Registration Requirements

There are some essential qualities students must have before they think of registering. They include the following;

  • Students must be in Senior Secondary Classes (ss3 or ss2). It could be a private or public school.
  • Make sure the form registration fee is with you.
  • Get a good idea of what you wish to be in the future because that would help you to choose the students relevant to your field.
  • Create a personal mail for yourself and make sure the password is known to you.
  • Your date of birth is needed. So make sure to know it.
  • Get passports of you, though face capturing is done during the process.
  • Mobile phone number.
  • The local government of origin is needed. So make you know yours. And also your residential address.

I know, most of you already know this but getting a reminder won’t do any harm at all.

How to Register Offline for NECO 2022 

The 2022 National Examination Council (NECO) offline registration is mostly for school candidates and those that wish to register through a school. Below are the steps for offline registration.

Recommended: Check how to register NECO online by yourself in the next section below.

  • Visit the school you wish to register at.
  • Register as a full student and partake in the SS2 mock exam
  • Pay the NECO registration fee to your school to obtain the registration form
  • Fill up the form appropriately and correctly with your Personal Information
  • Submit the form with an attachment of your passports
  • Finally, do your biometric and then wait for your exam number.

NECO Registration Online Via NECO Registration Portal 

If you find it easier or you prefer doing your NECO 2022 registration online by yourself, then below are the steps for the NECO online registration 2022.

  • Visit
  • Check the pop-up form where you’ll see ‘Don’t have an account?’ and click on “Register here
  • Once open, you will be asked to fill in the registration form with the following information. 
  • Input your Fullname
  • Fill in your valid phone number
  • Enter your valid email address
  • Select a password
  • Reenter our password to confirm
  • Click on the ‘REGISTER’ button
  • Login to the email you used and click on the link sent by NECO to proceed.
  • Select a suitable payment option and make payment for the registration
  • Fill out and submit your registration form
  • Locate cafe operator to do an offline biometric verification and validation
  • Finally, print your photocard. 

Keep in mind that the Examination body may or may not extend the registration date or deadline. So it’s advisable to register as early as possible.





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