NECO Registration 2020 – How much is NECO Registration 2020


This article is to inform all the students, Principals, schools, Proprietors/Proprietress, that are inquiring about NECO Registration 2020. Before you clicked on this post, I believe you wish to learn about the upcoming NECO registration.

NECO Registration 2020 - How much is NECO Registration 2020

And that’s why I will be giving the relevant information you need to know about the National Examination Council of Nigeria. All you need to do is to pay attention to learn more. Without wasting time or beating around the bush, let’s dive in.

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NECO Registration 2020 Form Out

Well, the Council is yet to announce the release of the form, so the answer is No. NECO Registration form for 2020 is not. Though the date is not announced yet, however, it’s expected to be out in early 2020. It would be best, you bookmark this page to get more information once the form is out.

When the NECO registration start and when is the closing date?

Like I said earlier, the form registration date is not yet announced, but the form is expected to be on release after the WAEC Examination 2020. Well, for a fact that the form is not yet out, the closing date is not known as well. However, the NECO registration closing date commences after three weeks of the release date.

How much is NECO Registration 2020

The price of NECO registration was reduced due to the reduction of JAMB UTME Form price and also NECO price in 2019. It was reduced to Nine Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty Naira Only.

However, as most of you must have known, it is an internal examination, so you have to register in a Secondary school. That is to say, it can be self-registered on the website. Note, the price would be higher than the one mentioned in this article depending on the school you register with.

How Many Subjects to Register for NECO

The minimum number of subjects that candidates can sit is 8 (Eight) and a maximum of 9 (Nine). Well, the subjects are up to seventy-six but they are grouped into six categories. Which are;

  • Science and Mathematics.
  • Compulsory Cross-Cutting Subjects.
  • Technology.
  • Humanities
  • Business Studies.
  • And Trade/ Entrepreneurship.

These are the list of grouped subjects that you can register for in the Neco registration. And if you look into my previous article, I mentioned something about this same sub-heading also.

NECO Registration Requirements

There are some essential qualities students must have before they think of registering. They include the following;

  • Students must be in Senior Secondary Classes (ss3 or ss2). It could be a private or public school.
  • Make sure the form registration fee is with you.
  • Get a good idea of what you wish to be in the future because that would help you to choose the students relevant to your field.
  • Create a personal mail for yourself and make sure the password is known to you.
  • Your date of birth is needed. So make sure to know it.
  • Get passports of you, though face capturing is done during the process.
  • Mobile phone number.
  • The local government of origin is needed. So make you know yours. And also your residential address.

I know, most of you already know this but getting a reminder won’t do any harm at all.

How to Register for NECO 2020

Candidates should that want to sit for the exam’s body or the council will not refund the fee once it has been paid. As you have almost thing is now done via the internet. That is to say, NECO Registration has been migrated from offline to online registration. So to register, you have to visit the boards’ official website Neco. Then complete the registration. During registration, passports would be required. Student biometric fingerprints would also be captured.

Students or Candidates need to obtain a draft and also a non-refundable fee for the price and a stamp duty fee of Fifty Naira only. That was paid via bank draft or school management.

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