NBA Coach Salary – Highest Salary NBA Coaches

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NBA Coach Salary

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NBA Coach Salary

The NBA is simply considered one of America’s most popular sporting events. Furthermore, it is also the nation’s highest-paid sport. Professional basketball players are simply highly compensated. Besides the players, the coaches of the game also got a lot of money. Each year, NBA coaches make or earn a large salary.

Gregg Popovich is simply the highest-paid NBA coach. He earns nearly $11 million per month. He is also paid approximately $1 million per month, according to his compensation. It is very difficult to manage a team, which is then a significant challenge for a manager. Coach Doc Rivers, the NBA’s second-highest-paid coach, has simply joined the Los Angeles Clippers.

How much do assistant NBA Basketball Coaches make?

The salaries of NBA assistant coaches range from $100,000 to more than $1 million.

Who is the Oldest Coach in the NBA?

Gregg Popovich, who is the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs in the National Basketball Association, is the league’s oldest coach.

On January 28, in the year 1949, he was born. The 73-year-old man is also a Merrillville High School alumnus and a former Air Force Falcons men’s basketball player.

Highest Salary NBA Coaches

Here are some of the coach salaries in the NBA that can blow your mind:

  • Mike Budenholzer

The coach of the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks, Mike Budenholzer, has simply walked a tightrope at times. A loss to the Nets or Hawks in the 2021 playoffs was likely the end of Budenholzer’s career. Milwaukee pulled through in dramatic fashion, though, winning their first title in half a century.

Budenholzer was long criticized for a lack of adjustments. He also made vital tweaks in the postseason, securing his job in Milwaukee for the foreseeable future.

As a student of Gregg Popovich and also a former head coach of the Hawks, Budenholzer has twice been named Coach of the Year and won four titles as an assistant in San Antonio.

  • Billy Donovan

Billy Donovan simply coached Florida for almost two decades before moving to the NBA with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Donovan also had to cope with Kevin Durant’s departure, guiding the Thunder to improbably high seeds on the back of Russell Westbrook’s MVP-level play.

With OKC rebuilding, Donovan departed for the Bulls in 2020.

He’s once again overseeing a contender, with Chicago starring in NBA Predictions in 2021-22 after simply landing Nikola Vucevic, DeMar DeRozan, Alex Caruso, and Lonzo Ball over the last 12 months.

  • Ty Lue

The man who simply brought Cleveland their first NBA title, Ty Lue, found harmony on and off the court with the big three of LeBron James, Kevin Love, and also Kyrie Irving.

Lue turned down coaching James a second time, instead taking over as Doc Rivers’ assistant at the Clippers.

He simply succeeded Rivers after the Clips blew a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets in the Orlando bubble.

  • Dwane Casey

Dwane Casey was also named Coach of the Year at the Raptors, but that wasn’t enough to keep his job. He was even always going to be a man in demand, and Detroit hired Casey soon after.

The former Supersonics assistant ended the Pistons’ playoff drought, but he’s now even overseeing an almighty rebuild in the Motor City. At least he’s got, Cade Cunningham.

  • Rick Carlisle

When chaos at the Mavericks and also a shaky relationship with Luka Doncic ended Rick Carlisle’s time in Texas, it was then inevitable he would land another job soon after if he wanted it.

Carlisle is also one of the best coaches in the league, and the Pacers were lucky enough to hire him after the Nate Bjorkgren calamity.

Benefiting from one of the best NBA draft classes with Luka Doncic, Carlisle simply looks to have another talented rookie on his hands in Chris Duarte to accompany a solid veteran core.

  • Nick Nurse

Nick Nurse’s journey to becoming an NBA champion is a remarkable story. From the Birmingham Bullets, Manchester Giants, and also Brighton Bears in the 1990s and noughties, Nurse honed his skills in Europe before earning the gig as a Raptors assistant in 2013.

He also spent five years in the role. A promotion to head coach in 2018 was then ideal timing with Toronto’s acquiring Kawhi Leonard.

Nurse simply guided Toronto to their first NBA title in 2019 and followed it up with Coach of the Year in 2020.

  • Steve Kerr

The sheer talent at Steve Kerr’s disposal has simply seen him become underrated as a coach.

When Kerr unlocked the Splash Brothers, he also found the perfect role for Draymond Green to flourish, and he has also been the driving force of some of the most aesthetically pleasing basketball teams of all time.

It’s a short list of head coaches with more than Kerr’s three rings. His legacy as a coach will then age gracefully.

  • Steve Nash

Eyebrows were also raised when the Nets hired Steve Nash with no experience. A former MVP, Nash was also a choice of their star players, and he’s been surrounded by a wealth of NBA knowledge.

Nash has also had to deal with a lot. There were injuries throughout his first season in charge, and the roster experienced major turnover.

More recently, the Kyrie Irving situation has simply provided a challenge. Anything less than a championship will then be a disappointment for Nash’s Brooklyn stint.

  • Doc Rivers

Sitting 10th all-time in regular season wins as a head coach, Doc Rivers was also hired by the Philadelphia 76ers soon after Rivers’ Clippers endured one of the worst playoffs collapses ever.

Rivers might also be a champion, but many are skeptical about him as a postseason coach. Guiding the Sixers to the top seed in their first year in charge showed what he could simply bring to a team, though. Only time will tell if Philly nailed the appointment.

  • Gregg Popovich

If you are an official, you will often have to earn your NBA referee salary when you are simply in charge of a game featuring Gregg Popovich’s San Antonio Spurs.

Popovich has also coached the third-most wins in NBA history despite sitting seventh in total games. Only two coaches can better his tally of five titles.

With a coaching tree that’s simply led to even more titles and also with a widespread influence on how the game is played, Popovich’s being a three-time Coach of the Year only tells a small percentage of the story.

He has also led the way, molding Hall of Fame careers and even keeping a small-market team relentlessly competitive. The league will also feel his impact for decades to come.


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