My Groups on Facebook – Create Free Group on Facebook | Facebook Group

My Groups on Facebook? What is a Facebook group? It’s simply a platform created on Facebook by different individuals to communicate, express opinions, and share their common interests. It lets people with commonality come together to express objectives, post pictures, share group-related content and also discuss issues.

My Groups on Facebook - Create Free Group on Facebook | Facebook Group

However, on Fb individuals can be in more than one group. Just know the area you’re interested in, locate the group that covers or has that same interest and then, click the join button. You’ll get notified when you’re approved to join the group.

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My Groups on Facebook

Are you searching for your groups on Facebook? Lots of people have been flooding the internet with questions like.

  • What happened to my groups on Facebook?
  • Why can’t I open my groups on Fb?
  • How do I get my groups back?
  • My groups on Facebook disappeared.

If you’re unable to access your Fb groups there are lots of factors that can contribute to it. It’s either you have a poor internet connection, outdated Fb app, etc. Nevertheless, there are ways to troubleshoot if you’re unable to view the groups.

Why Can’t I See My Groups on Facebook 2021

To access groups, you’re a member of, tap on this link  The above link should take you to your group list. However, if you’re unable to get, view or access your groups, follow these troubleshooting steps.

  • Sign out of Facebook.
  • Clear cookies and cache (for computer users).
  • Ensure your Fb app version is the updated one.
  • Restart your computer or mobile phone.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app (phone users).
  • Then log in to your account and try again.

I believe these steps above will help you to access your Fb groups. In case the problem persisted, you can visit the Facebook help page for assistance.

Facebook Groups List 2021

Fb features a field where you will find groups, including the group you’re already in. To access your groups. Go to or launch the Facebook app on your phone.

On your news feed, click on the “groups” tab at the left pane. At the left corner of the page, you will see the groups you manage and your groups. To access other more groups, tap on the “see more” button.

However, if you’re a business personnel or a marketer searching for groups to help promote your business, there are over hundreds of groups you can join. Go through the field to find the list of groups perfect for building your business.

Facebook Groups List for Business and Marketers

All group on Fb has its objective, rules, and directives on how to join. So, before you join any group, try to find out the objective of the group. Most times FB groups depict its objective as the name of the group. Here is the list of groups for promoting your business online.

Online business Mastermind – The group lets members ask questions concerning building your business and offers you outstanding answers that will help your business.

Inspired bloggers network – This is a popular FB group with a good number of members. It is the best place for online entrepreneurs and bloggers to educate, advice themselves.

The rising tide society- the group was founded by Natalie Franke. The platform is aimed at enlightening and empowering members in the name of the community over competition.

Blog Society – This is a perfect group to connect with other small businesses or bloggers. Members get advice and also learn about creative biz, affiliate marketing, and blogging. Also, if you want to improve and build your business via blog, you will learn how to blog from other members of the group.

The smart passive Income community – in this platform members comes together to discuss online business, podcasting, and podcasting. The platform has more than 30,000 members.

Other Facebook Groups List

Below are some of the other FB groups you can join

  • Work with class.
  • Entrepreneurs Hustle.
  • Facebook ad hacks.
  • Rock your Blog & Biz.
  • Bloggers that profits.
  • Niche Site Entrepreneurs.

Fb groups are not limited to the above-mentioned groups, on the platform you will still find hundreds of groups to join.

How to Create a Group on Facebook

Follow the procedure below to create a normal FB group.

  • Move to
  • At the top of the screen, tap on the “group” button.
  • Choose the type of group you want to create.
  • Key in your group name and proceed.
  • Add members.
  • Select your privacy preference.
  • Then click on the “create” button. You can customize your group using a cover photo and description.

These are the procedure to create your Fb groups.

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