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The article that I will be discussing with each and every one of us today right on this write-up is all about Mx Player. I think some of us here already know what MX player is, while also they are others that do not know about it up till now.

Mx player is a streaming device for watching movies and videos, it cannot be used for music or songs playing just videos and movies. For more details, all you never needed is just to keep to the article more and more. The other paragraphs below will give you a good view of what the header is.

MX Player

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Mx Player

This is a device for mobile devices like iOS and Android devices. And it is known as a mobile app that is used as a video player like as I have said earlier. This very mobile app is an Indian and it is the top media streaming service that is developed by J2 interactive which is now known to b Mx media and entertainment.

Mx player is owned by the time’s internet, the digital media division of times group. It has been made available in 11 different languages which are English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Gujarati.

It also has a website if you want to download movies or stream movies online through the device you can. That is the reason why they made it available on the web also.

The same thing goes with the mobile app, it can be used also to stream movies online by copying the link of the video from any website and then go to the MX player and click the three dots icon at the top of it. You will see “Network Stream” click on it and paste the link there and wait for it to load, immediately after loading it starts to stream.

Mx Player Web

The header you see here is talking about the website of it, to tell you that it truly has a website version also separate from the mobile app. For you to access the player on the web, here is its URL for web version Mxplayer. All you do is just enter the URL on your web browser and that will take you to their website.

Mx Video Player

This is also the same as the MX player just that it is meant only just for movie and video playing nothing more than that.

I have said before that it can’t be used in playing songs just based on movies and short videos. To those who do use mobile devices, before you can be allowed to make use of this player on your device, you have to download it first.

Mx Player Mobile Application

This is where you will understand this more clearer after downloading the app into your mobile device then you will know what it is used for. Using the Video player on mobiles, it works very perfectly, no issues at all when using it on your mobile. All you have left to do is to download it and to download it follow the steps below.

How to Download

The downloading comes this way;

  • Firstly, you need to access your device’s app store.
  • Then you have to make a search by typing “Mx Player” on the search box.
  • Thirdly, you will see the install button close to the app after searching for it, you just have to click on it.

After clicking on the install button on your app store, you have to wait a while as the app keeps on downloading. And after the downloading process, is completed it will install itself automatically by itself, and if it does not install.

You have to locate the app on your device file manager to have it installed. That takes us to another paragraph which is the last paragraph of the article.

How to Use Mx Player

This is important for you to know about. For you to use this app after installing it, you have to open it and follow the on-screen instructions that are given to make ti app access your data like videos and movies on your device.

After that, all the videos and movies on your device will be shown immediately and you can click on any of the videos and start watching them with the MX player.

You can go to your gallery and tap on the video or movie you want to watch and you will be asked what player you want to use and you can click on the MX player on the list. Thanks for reading and I believe you learned so much, you can read more of my article “HERE”.


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