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Morneau Shepell is a human resources service and technology company. They offer professional services on health and benefits, administrative outsourcing, Asset and Risk management retirement, and pension.

Morneau Shepell
Morneau Shepell

There are various headquarters of the company in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada. The company’s establishment was in 1996, and now it serves over 15,000 clients in just North America. Now, they are operating in regions other than North America and they expect to grow more all over the world. The company is well known in Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: MSI) with a market capitalization of over $1B ($1,000,000,000).

Morneau Shepell

This all began with Frank Morneau in 1996 as W.F Morneau and Associates as an actuarial and benefit consulting firm. It later expanded in 1987 to be the first United States Office of the company and then launched the administrative outsourcing practice in 1996.

W.F Morneau and Associate merged with Sobeco in 1997 to establish Morneau Sobeco. Then Bill Morneau became the president and chief executive officer. Later in May 2008, Morneau Shepell came after the acquaintance of Shepell-FGI by Morneau Sobeco with the sum of about $321.8 million. Shepell-FGI is the largest Canadian employee health management and workplace training and education service.

Morneau Shepell Website

The company has a website that is available and can be accessed by anyone who has an interest in reaching out to the company. You can access the website of this company via the URL

Morneau Shepell Services

The company has various services they offer, and you can benefit or get offered a job opportunity. Their services are so much and they are all grouped into categories. The categories include:

  • Employee assistance & wellbeing
  • Mental health
  • Workplace absence & disability
  • Compensation consulting & total rewards surveys
  • Workplace training & workshop
  • Pension & savings
  • Benefits administration
  • Children’s support solutions
  • Student support program

Under these categories, there are many other services you can get. So hit the website now and get on with the platform features and services they offer.

Order for Services

After knowing the service, the platform offers, then you would want to know what you want and how you can access them:

  • Launch your web browser
  • On the search box, enter the URL
  • Click on “Discover our services”
  • You will be redirected to the URL
  • Navigate your cursor to the service section and click on the service you want from the dropdown box
  • Then navigate again to the subcategory under the selected service
  • Click on the service
  • The next page will provide you with information concerning the selected service and instructions and actions buttons to access it

Keep in mind that the services are free.

Morneau Shepell Careers

This platform can also serve as a job opportunity for people as well. There are several career opportunities on this platform and there is a method of accessing it. With both experienced, graduate or non, etc., you can get something to hold on to on this platform:

  • Launch your web browser
  • On the search box, enter the URL
  • Select and click on “Discover our services”
  • You will be redirected to the URL
  • Click on Careers on the top right section
  • Under the “Search our current opportunities today”, click on “Current opportunities”
  • You can use the search box to search for jobs or keywords on your terms
  • There are some available jobs below the search box you can access
  • Click on the title of the job, and you will be redirected to the job application website

On the next page, you will be guided on how you can apply for the job, the requirements, the application form, and a lot more others about the job.


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