Microsoft Launches Google Wave – What is Google Wave And How Can I Use It?

Microsoft is bringing back Google Wave, the doomed real-time messaging and collaboration platform Google Launches in 2009 and prematurely shuttered in 2010. Maybe we should’ve seen this coming. Back in 2019, Microsoft announced the Fluid Framework (not to be confused with the Fluent design system).

Microsoft Launches Google Wave


The idea here was nothing short of trying to re-invent the nature of business documents and how developers build real-time applications.

Microsoft Launches Google Wave

Last year the company open-sourced Fluid and started building it into a few of its own Office applications. Today, at its Ignite conference, it’s launching a whole new product built on top of Fluid: Microsoft Wave Loop.

Loop is a new app and concept that takes the Fluid framework, which provides developers with flexible components to mix and match in order to create real-time editing-based applications, to create a new experience for users to collaborate on documents.

Google Wave

According to TechCrunch, in many ways, that was also the promise of Google Wave real-time collaboration plus a developer framework and protocol to bring Wave everywhere.

One thing Wave never had that is apparently a core feature of Loop is that Loop tracks your cursor position in real time. That’s the current state of the metaverse for you right there. Nothing says I’m present and active in a meeting like moving your cursor around, after all.

Microsoft Google Wave

Created by the same engineers who masterminded Google Maps, Wave lets you and your collaborators build documents which Google calls “waves” from conversations.

Multiple people can simultaneously edit and chat inside waves. You can also add images, Web links, video clips, and polls to waves, and that’s just the start.

Thanks to the growing ranks of Wave extensions, you’ll be able to incorporate all kinds of interactive content. Wave offers live typing, so you can see your collaborators’ input in real-time, keystroke by keystroke.

What is Google Wave?

Google Wave is one of the most hyped but least understood services Google has ever launched. Part of the problem is that while it’s about collaboration and real-time communication it has no direct parallel to existing products. As such, it’s hard to explain Wave to anyone who hasn’t used it. But let me try.

Google describes Wave as “what e-mail would look like if it were invented today,” in the world of instant messaging, wikis, and online forums.

How Do I Use Google Wave?

Right now, you need an invitation to create an account in the Google Wave Preview; you can request one at the Wave home page or you can ask a Wave-using associate to invite you.

To start a wave, you click on the New Wave button. Enter a title and initial message, and click on Done. You can then add contacts to collaborate on that wave by choosing them from your Contacts list. When you add a contact to a wave, you can give him or her full read-write or read only privileges. You can get more details on how to use Google wave here.

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