Marketplace Facebook – Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell | Facebook Marketplace App

Facebook Marketplace is a place where users at their convenience will get items that they like or sell products to others in their community. At Marketplace Facebook there plenty of opportunities to get whatever you want that’s sold in your locality. But first, you knew to get a Facebook account sign up, and slog in.

Marketplace Facebook - Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell | Facebook Marketplace App

Carry out your personal search in the marketplace to know what’s available around you. The uniqueness of Marketplace Facebook is that you will buy any item without spending much as in paying fees in the marketplace. Also, buyers and sellers are easily contacted with less stress.

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Marketplace Facebook

The marketplace was introduced into the Facebook platform in 2016, as a fast-growing social media platform. Marketplace enabled users not only to contact friends and family members, colleagues but to incorporate business dealings and transactions too.

The Facebook Marketplace is run digitally, users get connected and business transactions take place. Items on Facebook Marketplace are categorized for easy assessment. Below are the categories of Marketplace Facebook;

  • Clothing and Accessories.
  • Classifieds.
  • Deals.
  • Entertainment.
  • Electronic.
  • Family.
  • Home and Garden.
  • Hobbies.
  • Housing.
  • Vehicles.

All users on Facebook Marketplace can get a view of all the categories or go for a specific item on the search bar. Get to  for more information on Facebook Marketplace business.

Facebook Marketplace App

Facebook Marketplace app is a platform that enables you to buy and sell items with people in your area conveniently. The marketplace is a platform that users can put things up for sale comfortably. Join other sellers to sell or buy millions of products nearby in the marketplace. The marketplace face is built with unique features. These features are:

  • Users are free to post.
  • One can find the product on Browse categories.
  • Live Chat.
  • Search Locally.

If you have been hearing about the marketplace on Facebook also know that the app in found right inside the Facebook site.

How to Get Marketplace on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace is a destination on Facebook for purchasing items at your convenience on the Facebook page. The marketplace is available in the Facebook app, tablets, and desktops. This is how to get to Marketplace:

  • On
  • Move to the left-hand side of your Facebook homepage, you will see a “Marketplace” tab.
  • If cannot find it, search for “Marketplace” in the search bar and it will display from the menu
  • Tap on the marketplace widget that looks like a shop with a blue roof.
  • From there you can click any item you want to buy and drop a message for the seller.

These are the steps to get the marketplace on the Facebook platform.

How to Create Facebook Account

If you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s not a difficult task to accomplish.

  • Go to and click on “Create New Account”.
  • Enter your details such as your email address or phone number and create a password.
  • Click on “Sign Up.” Button.
  • After that, your account will be set up and ready a mail will be sent to you for confirmation.

When you follow these procedures your Facebook account is created.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Just like every online store or shop, Facebook Marketplace operates online and offline. To start operating Facebook Marketplace, you must be up to 18 years old. To put up your products for sale, and they get contacted by buyers that are interested in such items. Just follow these steps;

  • On Facebook Marketplace page
  • Upload the pictures of your item that you want to sell.
  • Next, add an accurate description of your items.
  • Add price to your product.

Facebook Marketplace enabled you to reach out to your buyers on Facebook where they’re already in search of products. As a seller, you are to make provisions for fast and real-time messaging.

You must deliver useful information including price and product description. Let your clients be more targeted with a mobile-friendly listing.

Selling Rules on Facebook Marketplace

There are rules guiding Facebook Marketplace this involves the types of items that are not allowed and the ones allowed to check out the commerce policies. these policies are applicable to Marketplace, page shops, by and sell groups, and Instagram shopping. Here are the rules;

  • Some items are not allowed. Facebook does not allow certain items to be sold on the marketplace and there are Animals, alcohol, gift cards, adult products or services, digital media and electronic devices, event tickets, healthcare items such as first-aid kits, thermometers, etc. Illegal, prescription or recreational drugs, tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia, unsafe supplements, weapons, ammunition, or explosives.
  • You must sell a physical item not a “lost and found posts, Jokes, News, and “in search of” posts. Also, services like ticketing, housekeeping is only coordinating with any partner on Facebook.
  • Items description must match the image, title, and descriptions too.
  • Items should not show a before and after picture example a photo showing weight loss.

However, if any item that is up for sale should violate the Commerce Policies on Facebook’s community standards anyone is free to report such a seller.

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