Make Your Very Own Facebook Avatar – Facebook Avatar | How to Create Your Avatar on Facebook

In addition to chatting and dating on Facebook, the platform has an avatar emoji feature that allows you to Make Your Very Own Facebook Avatar. Now, make your avatar emoji is a new feature that allows you to create avatars of yourself for free.

Make Your Very Own Facebook Avatar - Facebook Avatar | How to Create Your Avatar on Facebook

Though it’s a new feature, so far, it has actually been a hit with users. With the creation of the Facebook Avatar emoji, you can express yourself in a more personal way. And also, outside the confines of the reaction buttons on Facebook.

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You might be wondering if this avatar emoji feature is different from the ones on Snapchat, well yes, it is different. Facebook Avatar Emoji allows users to make comments using their emojis. And also, it can be included in Facebook stories and conversations with the Facebook Messenger app.

I believe you clicked on this post to learn how you can Make Your Very Own Facebook Avatar Emoji. So now, let’s dive in.

Make Your Very Own Facebook Avatar

Make your avatar app on Facebook lets you create a digital version of yourself, which you can use to express yourself in whatever way you want. Facebook avatar is similar to Snapchat Bitmoji, but it also allows you to make comments using your digital self easily.

When I said making a digital version of yourself, I mean it. As with the Facebook Avatar feature, you can personalize your avatar, from the hairstyle to clothes to accessories, etc. Your Avatar doesn’t necessarily have to look like you, you just have to create what you digitize yourself to be or your favorite person.

The feature is not yet made worldwide, just in a few countries currently, but the Team at Facebook is working on making it worldwide for all to enjoy and use. Before we move on to how to make your very own Facebook avatar emoji, let’s have a lit understanding of what avatar means.

Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatar emoji is simply a bitmoji style that allows you to create your own emoji on the platform. This feature gives the opportunity to create a computerized version of yourself. Now, the avatar emoji might look like or not, it could be the way you imagine yourself.

Now, with the Facebook avatar feature, you can actually create that version of you want and share them with friends and family on the platform. Making your own avatar is simple and very fast to do. All you need is an updated version of the creator apps. Now, let’s talk about the creator apps.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

Of course, you are eager to make your very own avatar on the biggest and most popular social network, Facebook. But what are the apps you can use to create or make an avatar of yourself (how you imagine seeing yourself)?

The fact is there is no special app for creating your avatar on Facebook because it is a feature within Facebook. That is to say, you can make your avatar emoji using the Facebook app and also Facebook Messenger.

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Now, to use the feature in these apps, you need to make sure that they are both updated to the latest versions available.

Facebook Avatar Creator App Download

Speaking of Facebook avatar app download and as I said, the feature is inbuilt with Facebook. That means there’s no need of downloading a standalone app. Since the Avatar creator feature is within Facebook and Messenger app, let’s look at how we can download the updated versions of the apps. Follow the steps below to download the Facebook app and Messenger app;

  • Launch the App Store on your device and enter Facebook.
  • From the result of the relating search terms, tap on the first app displayed.
  • Facebook information or download page will be loaded, tap on “Install”.


  • On your Application store, tap on the search box and type in Facebook Messenger.
  • A list will be shown displaying the relating search terms of Messenger.
  • Tap on the first one and its information page will be loaded. Then tap on “Install”.

Immediately the app will be installed. Now you know the apps you can use for making your own avatar emoji on Facebook, let’s look at how to create now.

How to Create Your Avatar on Facebook

Now, this is the part we’ve been waiting for, so I won’t waste much time. To make your own Facebook avatar emoji, you need to have the updated version of Facebook and make the feature accessible in your location or country.

Also, you need to be signed in to your account. If you have done the above, then follow the steps below to create your own avatar;

  • Hit on the menu bar on the Facebook app and then select “See More”.
    From the other options that will be shown, hit on “Avatars”.
  • Read through and hit on Next.
  • Select “Get Started”.
  • Customize your avatar, starting with the face and the skin tone or color you want.
  • Select the hairstyle for your emoji, height of hair, and also the color.
  • Then you will be directed to giving the avatar better customization of the face which includes the face shape, lines, and also complexions.
  • After the customization of face, head on to the eye,
  • Select the shape of the eye, lashes length, and color. You can include accessories to the face if you want such as shades (glasses).
  • Now, customize your avatar nose and the month.
  • Last but not quite least, select the body figure you want. Choose the shape and an outfit to suit. There are lots of accessories you can add to your clothing.
    Select the “Next” icon after all the customizations you want on your avatar and hit on “Done” to commence.

Create an Avatar Using Messenger

  • On your Facebook Messenger app, tap on any conversation you want.
  • Select the sticker option next to the text box.
  • Then tap on “Make Your Avatar” and start customizing your very own emoji.

Now you have successfully created your very own Facebook avatar emoji.

Facebook Avatar Availability

As I said earlier in this guide, the feature is not yet worldwide but the team is actually working on making it available for all to use. The feature is not yet worldwide, but it has been a hit in the locations or countries available, now imagine it going global.

Facebook avatar feature is currently available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. As I said, the team is working hard behind it to make it global. Users in the locations mentioned above are actually making good use of the feature.

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