Make My Facebook Avatar – Free Avatar on Facebook App – Create My Facebook Avatar

Want to create your own Facebook and buy don’t know how to start? In this Make My Facebook Avatar article, I will be hiding you through to make your avatar. With your avatar, interaction is easier and better.

Make My Facebook Avatar - Free Avatar on Facebook App - Create My Facebook Avatar

In other words, you don’t need to type in a comment, you can simply send your avatar sticker instead. The creation process is very simple and fast to do. Also, have in mind that it is free and can only be done using the maker app, which you can get from the App Store of your device. Let’s dive to learn more.

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Make My Facebook Avatar

Making your avatar on Facebook has been made possible due to the recently added feature. With this feature, you can make a doppelgänger that looks just like you or how you want it. If you’re familiar with the Apple Memoji and Bitmoji for Snapchat, then Facebook’s avatar is an easy one.

To make or create your avatar on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook account or can simply create a new one of the avatar features that is accessible in your location. Now, let’s dive in to look at how you can create your avatar on Facebook.

Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatar as you must have known is a feature that was added to the platform to make it better. This means you can make a digital version of yourself on the platform and use it in comments. Once you create your own, it can be used as stickers, you can use it to show your reaction to posts on friends or the newsfeed.

However, the avatar feature is not yet made available in some locations or countries. It is currently accessible in the US, Nigeria, Indian, Canada, New Zealand, and others. Well, you do not worry if you’re yet to access it. It will get to you eventually.

Facebook Avatar Maker App Free

To make your avatar on Facebook, you need to have the maker app downloaded and installed on your device. Now, what exactly is the Facebook maker app? The maker app is the Facebook official app. Yes, that’s right, you need to download and install the app on your device.

However, if the app is already installed on your device, all you need to do is to update it. That is because the Facebook avatar feature is accessible only in the updated version of the mobile app.

Make my Avatar on Facebook

To make your very own Avatar on Facebook, follow the simple guides below;

  • Login to your Facebook accounts.
  • Tap on the menu icon, and then “See More”.
  • Select Avatars.
  • Select your skin color.
  • Choose the hairstyle you want your avatar to use.
  • Select face shape, complexion, and lines if you want.
  • Choose the body shape of your avatar and an outfit to go.
  • Then tap on Next > Done.

With the above steps, your avatar will be created. Now, that you’ve created your avatar, you can use it stickers pack in comments, use as a profile picture, and others that you want.

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