Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) Recruitment 2022

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Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) Recruitment 2022

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Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) Recruitment 2022

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This page then contains important news about the Lesotho defence force recruitment. And also the requirements, the Lesotho defence force salary structure, the Lesotho defence force application and closing dates.

Let us then take a peek into the organization and also the history of the Lesotho defence force.

A Brief History of LDF

The Lesotho Defence Force currently consists of the Lesotho army and also the Lesotho air force. It was officially established in the year 1978. Its core aim is simply to guard the lives and properties of the citizens.

Basically, the LDF is simply estimated to currently have about 3100 military personalities. These personalities are then made up of both men and women in the book. Starting with less than a thousand men and women, now it is simply estimated to be less than a million.

As time progresses, the population of Lesotho will increase. Currently, the population is about 2.3 million. The increase in population afforded the Lesotho government the ability to then simply employ capable hands in its military services.

In the year 2005, the number of males fit for military employment (population aged 18–49) was an estimated 400,000 in Lesotho.

The government of Lesotho then proposed a bill for the country’s military to simply undergo restructuring. This is in terms of size and also in function. The move was then prompted by the history of incessant interference of the military in the country’s political system.

The government, with the backing of the citizens, sought a military that would then become apolitical and also restrict their functions to their primary duty, which is to safeguard the country against foreign invasion.

Hence, the government’s effort soon paid off when the military agreed to simply stay off the political and economic affairs of Lesotho. In the year 2001, the Indian Government, with the help of SouthAfrica,a then agreed to simply retrain and also restructure the Lesotho Defence Force.

The Air Wing of the Lesotho Defence Force

The Lesotho Air Force began in the year 1978 as part of the nation’s defence force. The air force is widely reported to have started operations with two Short Skyvan twin-turboprop STOL transports.

In particular, the Lesotho air force was even gifted an aircraft by Liberia in the year 1983, but three years later, the helicopter was deemed not worthy of use.

The air force then continued to undergo a transformation, and also, in the mid-‘80s, the air force was merged officially into Lesotho’s defence force.

By the late ‘80s, the two Skyvans were replaced by two CASA C-212 Aviocar light turboprop means of transport, which marked a significant improvement in the country’s air force.

Shortly after the delivery of the two CASA C-212 Aviocar light turboprops, an unfortunate incident led to the crashing of one, and then the government was simply forced to replace the crashed aircraft in the year 1992.

Furthermore, the Indian military trained the Lesotho army for several years and in the year 2014. The military then attempted a coup to take the leadership of the country from a civilian government.

Note that the coup was then masterminded by a highly controversial 3-star general called Lt. Gen. Tlali Kamoli. The attempted coup was then nipped in the bud and Lt. Gen. Tlali Kamoli was simply forced into early retirement in 2016.

Lesotho Defence Force Salary Structure

What is the Lesotho defence force salary structure? This is one of the frequently asked questions about LDF.

Prospective citizens who simply wish to become a part of the country’s military system often take to the internet to ask questions about remuneration in the military ranks.

However, there is also currently no publication about the Lesotho defence force salary structure, although we can then also confirm that men and women in the country’s military system are paid handsomely on a yearly basis and that they are also entitled to a lot of benefits and entitlements.

Lesotho Defence Force weapons

The Lesotho Defence Force has weapons ranging from short guns to trucks.

Moreover, the country has invested millions of dollars into the defence force since its inception, with about 2.3% of Lesotho’s annual budget said to be reserved for the nation’s defence.

The Lesotho Defence Force has simply benefited from the international community, with countries like India, South Africa, the USA, and even the UK contributing the most towards the country’s defense force.

Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) Recruitment 2022

Do you simply wish to apply for the Lesotho Defence Force LDF recruitment 2022?

Be informed that LDF is yet to announce an official date for the 2022 application as of the time of this report and all dates currently on any website should be disregarded.

Mojalefa Letsoela

Lieutenant General Mojalefa Letsoela is also one of the most notable names in the history of the Lesotho Defence Force. Here is a brief bio of the General.

Lt. Gen Mojalefa Letsoela was born on the 3rd of August 1967 in Bela-Bela to a father involved in Lesotho’s political system.

The General once stated in an interview that he never thought he would even become part of the country’s military, let alone become the man at the helm of the military institution.

Mojalefa Letsoela is also the fifth of seven children. He then began his education at Pelele Primary School, where he simply reportedly had an uneventful school year like most children.

He later proceeded to Holy Names High School where he had his Cambridge Overseas School Certificate (COSC) in 1985.

He then stated during an interview that his ambition while growing up was to simply become a commercial pilot, but politics had a major influence on his life and career, even though he never participated actively in politics.

Lt. Gen. Mojalefa Letsoela’s parents then left him in the country when he fled to South Africa for refuge. While his parents were in exile, Mojalefa Letsoela was then left with very few options for his career and also chose to join the military.

He took part in Lesotho’s military recruitment courses and even then performed excellently, and this marked the beginning of the reign of the popular Lt. Gen. Mojalefa Letsoela.


How Many Soldiers Does Lesotho Have?

2,000 personnel: The Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) is simply the military of the Kingdom of Lesotho, which simply consists of about 2,000 personnel and is tasked with maintaining internal security, territorial integrity, and also defending the constitution of Lesotho.

Who Is The Founder Of The Lesotho Defence Force?

The History Of The Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) Dates Back To The Year 1964 When The Police Mobile Unit (PMU) Was Formed In Response To The Social Disturbances That Then Included Labour Strikes. In 1965, three British police officers, Bunn, Mcfall, and Hurst, arrived in Lesotho from Zambia.

How Strong Is Lesotho’s Military?

The Force currently has a strength of approximately 3100. It also has a fair representation of female soldiers. All the commissioned officers then have to first serve in the ranks for at least three years. It is simply led by a three-star general, Lt. Gen. Tlali Kamoli, 46.

How Many Ranks Are There In The LDF?

In the LDF, the five highest groups are simply as follows: Force Sergeant Major (FSM), Brigade Sergeant Major (BSM), Arms Logs Sergeant Major, Air Command sergeant Major and the Ground Forces Arms Sergeant Major.


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