Latest Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating | Dating on Facebook is Free

As we all can see the top above this sentence talks of the Latest Facebook Dating App and if I may ask every one of us here. What do you think or understand about what the header says, is there the latest dating app for Facebook? If you are new to hearing about the Facebook dating app, you have all the information and details right here.

Latest Facebook Dating App - Facebook Dating | Dating on Facebook is Free

Facebook dating is a feature that was released into the platform in 2018. This feature is located in the Facebook app and that of the website version, it makes it easy for the user to meet and start relationships with other people.

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Latest Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating latest app is the update of the dating app and the new update of the Facebook mobile app as well. If you never have access to the dating feature on Facebook before, there are two reasons why you can’t access it. One of the reasons is that the dating app is not yet available to your region or country.

The other reason why you can access it, for those who are using their Facebook account on their mobile device. Is because you have not updated your mobile Facebook app and once you do that, you can now see the dating app or start using the dating service for free.

As for those countries that are using the dating app are so many, so if you don’t find your country name among the list that means the dating feature is not yet made available for your region.

Facebook Dating

We have been hearing so much about Facebook dating right from the beginning of the article but have you asked yourself how can you access or make use of the feature on your account. This is what most people are asking after, I have seen lots of research about how to date on Facebook and how to access the Facebook dating app on the internet.

If I may ask, do you want to date on Facebook or make use of the Facebook dating app? Is there anyone here that wishes to date or start a new relationship on the Facebook platform? You don’t have to be discouraged for the Dating feature on FB is free to whomsoever wants to access it as long it is available to you.

You don’t need to make a payment or asking you for a monthly subscription service before you can access or make use of it, it is all free to its user.

Facebook Dating App

In the article, I mentioned something about the dating app that is located inside the Facebook platform. Yes, it is true and it does not have an external dating app that you can download separately. That you can only see or find the dating app on the Facebook website and that of the app.

The dating app is an inbuilt app on the platform and no way you can download it into your smartphone. You can only use it when you access your Facebook account on the web or mobile app. The only app you can download is the Facebook mobile app and you need the updated version if you already have it before. In other, for you to access the dating feature.

Create Facebook Dating Account

Right now, what we are going to be looking into now is how you can be a member of the dating service on the platform. This is the place where people find it difficult, but don’t worry about anything for you have come to the right place. I will be directing you on how you can create a dating account on your Facebook account.

And one thing you must know is that you need to be a Facebook user before you can get a dating account. This is to tell you; you must have an account with Facebook to access the dating app and to create your dating account. The following steps below will direct you on how, to begin with creating your dating profile.

  • First of all, visit the website on your web browser or launch the FB app on your smartphone.
  • Then go to the options page by clicking the menu icon.
  • There you will see the dating logo, click on it and you will be taken to the page where to create your account.
  • Fill in all the details needed of you and click the last button you see at the bottom to complete the task and you are done.
  • Apart from going to the menu options page, you can also visit your profile page and click the dating icon at the top of your profile.

Here are all the steps that you need to make your dating account and you can equally visit visiting it directly on your web browser.

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