Kohl’s Credit Card: Rewards, Benefits, and Drawbacks

The Kohl’s credit card is a popular store card that offers additional rewards and discounts for Kohl’s shoppers. With over 1,100 Kohl’s stores across the United States, many customers find it useful for regular purchases.

Kohl's Credit Card

However, like any credit card, the Kohl’s card has its benefits and drawbacks. Understanding how it works can help you decide if it fits.

Department store credit cards are tempting. The promise of extra discounts or reward points makes them enticing for regular shoppers.

However, these cards have significant downsides, especially compared to general rewards credit cards.

How the Kohl’s Credit Card Works

First, it’s essential to understand how Kohl’s credit card rewards work. Here are the key details:

Earning Kohl’s Cash

  • Cardholders earn 5% Kohl’s Cash on every Kohl’s purchase
  • Kohl’s Rewards members earn an additional 2.5% Kohl’s Cash with the card
  • In total, that’s 7.5% back in rewards

Redeeming Kohl’s Cash

  • Kohl’s Cash works like a coupon to discount future purchases
  • It does not convert to cash back or statement credits
  • Expires 30 days after it’s earned
  • Cannot be used on certain purchases like gift cards or Sephora

With the basics covered, let’s look at why the Kohl’s card makes sense for some shoppers.

Benefits and Perks

The Kohl’s credit card offers a few nice extras for Kohl’s devotees beyond its rewards rate. Here are some of the most valuable benefits:

35% New Cardholder Discount

  • Get 35% off your first purchase in-store or online
  • Must make purchase within first 14 days

Extra Cardholder Savings

  • Monthly deals exclusive to Kohl’s cardmembers
  • Anniversary offer every cardmember year

Free Shipping

  • Free shipping once you spend $600 annually
  • Automatic Most Valued Customer (MVC) status

For shoppers who regularly spend hundreds per year at Kohl’s, these benefits add up over time. Still, there are also some major limitations.

Drawbacks and Downsides

While the Kohl’s card offers solid rewards for Kohl’s purchases, it also locks you into shopping primarily at Kohl’s. And many general rewards credit cards can match its return without the hassles.

Rewards Restrictions

The biggest downside is that Kohl’s Cash can only be earned and redeemed at Kohl’s. And it expires after 30 days. You miss out on flexibility offered by cash back cards.

Shopping Restrictions

Beyond rewards, the Kohl’s card can only be used at Kohl’s stores and website. It lacks utility as an all-purpose credit card.

Expiring Rewards

As mentioned, one major frustration is that Kohl’s Cash expires 30 days after it’s earned. So you have to shop frequently to avoid losing rewards.

High Interest Rates

Finally, the Kohl’s card charges an exceptionally high 30.99% variable APR. It’s easy to negate any rewards by carrying a balance.

With these limitations in mind, let’s examine some better alternatives.

Alternatives to Consider

Given its restrictions, savvy shoppers should also consider more flexible rewards credit cards. Two great options are:

Citi Double Cash Card

  • Earns 2% cash back (1% when you buy, 1% when you pay)
  • No expiration on rewards
  • Can convert points to airline miles
  • 0% APR for 18 months (transfers and purchases)

Wells Fargo Active Cash Card

  • 2% cash rewards on all purchases
  • $200 bonus after spending $1,000 in first 3 months
  • Cell phone protection up to $600 per claim
  • No annual fee or foreign transaction fees

Both of these cards provide easy 2% cash back without worrying about rewards expiring after just 30 days. And their rewards can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards.

Is the Kohl’s Card Right for You?

Given its many restrictions, the Kohl’s credit card is best suited for extremely loyal Kohl’s shoppers who won’t miss out on flexibility.

If you only shop at Kohl’s occasionally or want rewards you can use anywhere, a different card is likely the better option. Alternatives like the Citi Double Cash and Wells Fargo Active Cash provide equal or better rewards without the hassles.

How to Apply for a Kohl’s Credit Card

You have three options to apply for a new Kohl’s credit card:

  • Apply at Kohls.com
  • Apply in-store at checkout
  • Apply by phone: 1-866-576-7463

You’ll need to provide basic personal information and agree to a credit check. If approved, you can enjoy Kohl’s card rewards and discounts right away.

Let me know if you need any other subtopics covered related to the Kohl’s credit card.

Kohl’s Credit Card Login

To login to your Kohl’s credit card account online:

  • Go to Kohls.com and click “Sign in”
  • Enter your username and password to access your account
  • Here you can view statements, make payments, see balances and more

Tips to Make Payments on Your Kohl’s Card

There are a few ways to pay your Kohl’s credit card bill:

Pay Online

  • Login to your account on Kohls.com
  • Select “Make a Payment” and enter payment details
  • You can pay from a bank account, PayPal, etc.

Make Payment In-Store

  • Take your payment to any Kohl’s store customer service desk
  • They can accept credit/debit cards, cash, money order, etc.

Pay By Phone

  • Call 1-(855) 564-5748 to reach Kohl’s card services
  • Speak to a representative to process your payment
  • Have your account number, payment amount etc. ready

Kohl’s Credit Card Customer Service Number

If you have any questions or issues with your Kohl’s card, you can contact customer service at:

  • Phone: 1-(855) 564-5748
  • Hours: Daily from 7am-9pm CST

Representatives can help with payment issues, balance inquiries, applying Kohl’s Cash and more.


The Kohl’s credit card undoubtedly offers strong rewards, especially for loyal Kohl’s shoppers. However, its expired rewards and shopping restrictions provide reason for pause.

Savvy consumers should strongly consider more flexible alternatives before applying. With the full picture, you can determine if the Kohl’s card truly makes sense or if you’re better served by a general cash back card instead

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