Jumia Mall – Jumia Express | Jumia Food | Top Deals | Free Delivery

Have you heard of Jumia? Or have you heard people talking about buying items on Jumia? Do you want to know what the Jumia Mall is all about? Then you sure have come to the place. Here, this article will tell you what you need to know about the topic above and how it functions.

Jumia Mall - Jumia Express | Jumia Food | Top Deals | Free Delivery

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Jumia is an online shopping mall where you can buy just about anything ranging from fashion, households, electronics, grocery, food, office gadgets, hotel and flight bookings, airtime recharge and online payments. It is the parent company to the Jumia One, Jumia Party, Jumia Travel, Jumia Flights, Jumia Food, and Jumia Mall.

Jumia Mall

The Jumia Mall as earlier mentioned is a branch under Jumia. It is just like any shopping mall only that it is operated online. The Jumia consists of several shops with different sellers and the Jumia Mall. It is safe to say that Jumia Mall is only an online mall. The platform does not only deals with the web form but can be visited through the mobile app of jumia highest and biggest online shopping mall in Africa. This application can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or Apple Store. This mobile application is called Jumia Online Shopping.

The Jumia Mall gives the guaranty of 100% authentic products on all the items displayed on it. Jumia mall also gives a guaranty that items would be delivered in perfect condition and has an extended free returns policy. Their return policy is 15 days instead of the usual 7 days. Most of the products being sold on the Jumia Mall are either sold directly from the brand, brand official distributor or Jumia itself. To identify a Jumia Mall product, a red badge (with Jumia Mall) is placed above the items displayed.

Getting Jumia Mall delivered to you would cost you a delivery fee. The fee is charged based on the weight of the items being delivered and the delivery location. The heavier the item, the higher the fee. Also, the farther the delivery location, the higher the fee. Most of its products often come with a brand warranty. If you ever have problems with the product you purchase after the designated days for returns, you can contact the service provider to activate this.

Jumia One – Jumia Pay

The Jumia One has made paying for TV subscriptions and other utility bills payment quite easy. You can also enjoy speedy airtime recharge using the Jumia One. You can download the application from your Google Play Store or your Apple App Store depending on the app store your mobile device uses. Register with your real and active email address if you do not have an account with Jumia. You can fund your Jumia One account from your bank and pay for items purchased from the Jumia Mall without having to go through your bank every time.

Jumia Party

The Jumia Party is more like an event planner. If you have a party you want to throw, the Jumia Party is just what you need. It presents to you all you need to get your party started. It provides you with several services like restaurant options (for food orders), links to supermarket supplies close to you (for grocery orders), party links for alcoholic drinks supplies, pharmacy care, and gifts and gift packages.

Jumia Travel

Jumia Travel is an online travel agency that provides online lodging (hotel) reservations across Africa. This is a go-to platform for an easy and enjoyable booking experience. It covers several hotels in Nigeria, their location, online pictures of the kind of services they render and the prices. Jumia Travel uses mobile applications and, to an extent, is available on some social media platforms.

Jumia Flight

The Jumia Flights has made easy the task of searching for domestic and international flights. Using the Jumia Flights, one can easily find available flights and the different prices listed out. You make your choice of which airline you want to travel with and your preferred class and Jumia Flights would do all the findings for you.

Jumia Food

Jumia Food provides you with a vast number of eateries close to you. It has made easy getting cooked food readily available and even delivered to you. To use this platform, you would be required to choose your location in the form of your state/ city and area. This would enable the platform to search out all the available restaurants near you and all the options on their menu including the time it would take to get your order ready and delivered.

Jumia Mall Items

All the items on the Jumia Mall are all categorized to make it easy to search for them. These items are grouped under the following category.

  • Phones.
  • Computing.
  • Electronics.
  • Home and Office.
  • Fashion.
  • Health and Beauty.
  • Accessories.
  • Small Appliance.
  • Large Appliance.
  • Sporting Goods.
  • Groceries.
  • Baby Products.

These categories have sub-categories under them for ease and specification. You can get started on the shopping experience too and feel the fun!

The Jumia Mall offers 15-day returns after your ordered item has been delivered. If the item delivered from Jumia Mall is defective, damaged, wrong or you changed your mind, you will receive a full 100% refund with your shipping fees.

One can also cancel orders placed on items. If after placing an order for an item, you still have the chance to cancel on it before it is delivered to you.

Jumia Express

Jumia Express is a delivery service on the Jumia Mall that deliver goods to you faster than the usual delivery duration. This form of delivery is optional as its cost is higher than the actual delivery charge. The Jumia express is not available for all items either. If it is available to an item, it would be specified on the item.

Top Deals

Top deals are items on the Jumia Mall with huge discounts or promo sales. These discounts are either limited by time or number of the items in stock.

Free Delivery

Free delivery is also available at Jumia Mall. This is delivery that does not cost you a fee. Customers can have free delivery form Jumia Mall but it is only allowed to prime customers. To become a prime customer, you have to subscribe to Jumia prime free delivery. Jumia prime free delivery allows you to subscribe for 1, 3 or 6 months of free delivery. It is just like a prepaid plan.

All Brands

There are several brands selling on the Jumia Mall. Top brands are not excluded either. I will list out some of the brands selling on the platform.

  • NEXUS.
  • Scanfrost.
  • Apple.
  • Microsoft.
  • Intel.
  • Defacto.
  • Haier Thermocool.
  • Binatone.
  • MI.
  • Midea.
  • UKA.
  • NOKIA.
  • SONY.
  • Coca Cola.
  • CUBOT.
  • Century.
  • Hp.
  • NIVEA.
  • Zaron.
  • MasterChef.

These and many more are the brands selling on the Jumia Mall. Go on an check them out now to enjoy all the top deals and great warranty on these items. You can access the website by visiting Jumia.com.