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This is what I will be discussing with you guys today and I have heard with me Jumia choice. What do you think this header is talking about.

It is a service on the jumia platform that has not to be available on the platform before and it has to do with a seller and buyer. If you are doing your shopping only on the jumia platform whenever you want to order for something online and you are constantly using this platform.

Jumia Choice


You will see that this choice search has not been available on the platform, it was recently brought to the platform and it is really wonderful. At this time, I want every one of us to go deep into the article more properly.

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Jumia Choice

Still on the topic, as I have said that it is mostly meant for buyer and seller. If you are thinking of selling a particular product online and you don’t know the suitable or platform so sell and earn many profits from the product.

The jumia choice is a new service or platform that is set apart for vendors that sell at the marketplace. Here you can sell mainly authentic products that deal with low rate returns. When you make available products that are low-rate returns, it means that you will have more sales and also increase revenue.

And you will see that that same buyer will be looking out for your store when next he or she wants to buy something online.

I see this as an opportunity for you to start making profits while you can still compete with other sellers all because you are selling only good quick products and that is what buyers are looking for.

You and I know that no one wishes his or herself to be sold fake products and if someone eventually buys a fake product he or she will not be happy and that alone will give the buyer courage not to buy from your store.

What I want to say here is that what you are putting online for people should be what should be delivered to the customer. Now I want to tell you about something that you don’t know about “why should you choose jumia choice” for your selling service.

What Is Jumia

We all know what jumia is, I believe so. For those that have no idea of what jumia is, here you will be exposed to what jumia is. Jumia is an online shopping site, this site is responsible for shopping service which is to say you can buy products from the platform.

The amazing thing about this platform is that it is very easy to access and for you to shop on the site, you have to register for an account.

For you to create an account with the platform, you have to visit Jumia.com and click the login button at the top of the homepage. After that, follow the steps on the sign-up page but you have to click the “Create” button.

Why You Should Choose Jumia Choice

Looking into this header, you will see that it is a question “why you should choose jumia choice”. There are lots of reasons why you should choose this platform, I am not going to list them but put them in a paragraph for you to read through.

The reason you should choose it is that every product that receives a positive review, low rate returns will get the jumia choice badge that will certify that the product meets the customer’s specs, features, needs, and also requirements. Selling on jumia, the badge will certainly set you apart from the other vendors meaning that shoppers that are seeking vendors with quality products will easily identify those on jumia choice badge. And that also means they will order from your store.

It is a badge awarded to products that meet the customer’s requirements. If your products are certified to be in the list of good quality, then the technical team will review if the customers are verified buyers before the badge can be given out.

As a seller, for you to enjoy the privilege, you need to always meet the needs of the buyers and they need to be satisfied with the product and the price also.

Why Jumia Choice

If you are still asking “Why jumia choice” I think you should go through this very write up because it will give to you in detail why you need the platform.

To begin with, jumia as an online store has built truth with its customers over the years past and also maintain it. For them to maintain it, they have to adjust the narrative of bad, poor, fake, or faulty items to be sold on their online store by vendors.

This is among the reason why they are advising all vendors to ensure that all listed products must be confirmed to the standard. Have in mind that this service is starting today March 9 and it is open for all jumia shoppers.


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