Jamb Date – Jamb Registration Date | Jamb Exam Starting Date

What are we to discuss now is all about the Jamb Date, we are not here to talk about the past jamb but the present one? Do you know that Jamb is around the corner again, if you are a student looking forward to writing jamb and you still don’t get the information about the exam?

Jamb Date - Jamb Registration Date | Jamb Exam Starting Date

You don’t have anything to worry about because that’s actually what this post is meant for, to inform you about the Jamb exam that is coming up soon. Last year which is the previous year, we also have posted concerning this same topic we are having here right now.

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Checking out for other posts about jamb on this site by searching “Jamb” on the search box, well actually lead you to other articles on past jamb posts.

Jamb Date

Speaking of jamb date tells us about the date and time when the examination will be starting and also when it’s going to end. Knowing these dates, I think it will help us all prepare for it. Before then, you need to have registered for the exam by getting the jamb examination form and fill the requirements on the form.

Apart from that, you must visit the school you want to apply to others make the following requirements needed. Right now, you should have the right school you want to enroll with for the time is drawing near and near.


For the sake of those that are writing jamb for the very first time, do you wish to know the full meaning of jamb or should we leave that aside? But to me, I think it will be better to know the full meaning of “JAMB”.

The full name or meaning of “JAMB” is Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, that is the full name if in case you don’t know it. It is a Nigerian entrance examination set for people who are looking forward to entering the high institutes or universities.

It is said that that board conducts this entrance exam to unified tertiary matriculation exam for prospective undergraduates to enter into the Nigerian universities.

Jamb started in the year 1978 that is a long time ago and it was only meant for Nigerians, not like the WAEC. About the date, that is actually where we are driving now.

Jamb Registration Date

This is the most important part when it comes to the jamb exam. Knowing about the registration date, you will know the time to go for your registration and it won’t expire on you. In here, you will be told the date for the registration and also the date it will be closing.

Jamb registration is said to begin on the 18th of January 2021 and it is going to close or end on the 19th of February 2021. Now that you know the registration starting and closing date, I also want to tell you about the date when the exam is going to start.

When is Jamb Exam Starting

I know a lot of us will have been waiting to hear about this part of the article, to know the exact when the exam will be starting so they can get ready for it. The exam is starting the 14th of March and ending on 4th April 2021, for those of us going for the entrance exam, you ought to get ready.

As for the registration form, it is said to come out today which is the 11th of January 2021. All that you need to know about the start and end date of the Jamb examination are here and you all have seen it.

Jamb 2021 Timetable

About the timetable, I don’t think it is out yet for there is the site you will visit on the internet that will tell you that the timetable is out. Instead, you will be given the past examination timetable as the 2021 jamb examination timetable. But as soon the timetable is out, you will be notified just you were notified about the jamb 2021 examination date and all.

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