Jamb Change Of Course/Institution Form Is Out Online – How to Change Jamb Course and Institution


If I may ask why do students want to change their course or institution. Most students do change their course or institution for a reason, what I have for you in this article is all about Jamb Change of Course/Institution Form is Out Online.

Jamb Change Of Course/Institution Form Is Out Online

As a student that has enrolled for a jamb exam before, and he or she wants to change his or her course or institution the opportunity is out for you.

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Jamb Change of Course/Institution Form is Out Online

Jamb “Joint admission and matriculation board has enabled a portal for change of course and institution form. This service is to enable students to effectively change their earlier selected course or institution. Do any of us know the reason why students want to change their course or their institution? Let quickly see into some of the reasons why people do want to change their course.

Why Candidates Apply for Jamb Change of Course and Institution

Right here, we have three reasons why students want to change their jamb course and institution but you should know that there are still other reasons why students or candidates change their course or institution from the very first course or institution to another one. Like we have here;

Low Jamb Score

Speaking of the low jamb score, we all do agree that not everybody that writes jamb gets up to the score they are required in institutes they want to get admission into. Instead of allowing their result to waste and their effort to waste just like that, they think of changing the course and institution so that they can get admission into any other institution that does with the score they had. Another reason is that;

Incomplete O” Level Results

I believe we all know what O” level results are. These results of other exams like we have WAEC, NECO, and more. It typically represents the total year of studying and also marks the end of the secondary education cycle. You do know that students take exams in their chosen subject areas, for consideration as successful completion, usually, a minimum of five different subject passes are needed.

In this case, when candidates who may have run into deficiency of required credit passes in some subject key area. He or she may decide to go for a change of course to accommodate themselves. And lastly, we have;

Mistakes During Registration

This is most common when it comes to registering for jamb examination. Most times students do make mistakes when they are processing their registration form. With the help of this service, you can now correct any errors or mistakes that are made during the registration of your course or institution. As I said, there are other reasons.

Other Challenges

Most times during several factors ranging from finance, the change in geographical locations, parents’ suggestions, fear of tribal differences, and so more of them. In such cases treated under this heading result to change the institution.

How to Change Your Jamb Course or Institution

If you have any reason to change your course or institution because of one reason or the other. Here is the requirement you need to process through.

  • The first thing you should do is to visit the jamb change of course or institution website by going to Jamb efacility using your web browser.
  • Log in your account and then process with the following steps below.
  • Then click on the “Application for correction of data” you will see it in the list of services on the left side.
  • A drop-down option will appear, then select the one you wish to correct or change i.e. course/institution. Names, date of birth, gender, state/LGA of origin.
  • Then proceed with the payment portal via remita.
  • The final step, after the payment. You can now gain access to edit your previous errors during your UTME registration.

These are the steps on how you can change your course and institution or any errors.


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