Jamb C.R.K 2020/2021 Syllabus – C.R.K jamb syllabus | Why student fail jamb exams


For those of us that are looking for Jamb C.R.K 2020/2021 Syllabus, here is the right article where you can read and get all the updates on the C.R.K jamb syllabus. All that I want from you is just to take your time as I proceed with the article.

Jamb C.R.K 2020/2021 Syllabus - C.R.K jamb syllabus | Why student fail jamb exams

The main reason for writing this article today is because there are students that added C.R.K to their course. And right now, they are looking for this syllabus of C.R.K to help know what aspect to face, to study as the exam is coming closer and closer.

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Jamb C.R.K 2020/2021 Syllabus

Do not turn away from reading this article, mostly if you are among those who are looking forward to writing the jamb exam. There are things you need to know, but only by writing the exam and you will be waiting to see your result after some weeks or months. Have you ever sit down and ask yourself if people fail the jamb exam that you are planning to write also.

What I want you to do now is to sit down and ask yourself, how come about people fail jamb exams that is what you should be asking yourself. People do fail jamb exams in so many ways that you can’t even imagine, you as a student that is also planning to write this same exam. You should know the guideline or key facts that can help you pass your exams. Before, I will like to discuss with you the reason why students fail the jamb exam. I want to first list out the CRK jamb syllabus out for you to see.

CRK jamb syllabus

Let quickly look into the paragraph here. You will find out about the CRK syllabus down here, with the help of the syllabus it can make your study to be effective. The work of the syllabus is very nice because it directs you on where questions will be coming from so that you can key into that area. It is more like an expo to you, like I said it direct you on where questions will be coming from. Below this very paragraph, you are going to look into the list right away.


Section A of the syllabus is the themes from creation to the division of the kingdom. And under this section we have;

The Sovereignty of God

This is a topic inside the CRK syllabus and under it, you have to explain that God is the creator and controller of the universe (Gen. 1 and 2) cf. Amos 9:5-6; Is. 45:5-12, Ps. 19:1-6. The objective of this topic is that you have to define the term “Sovereignty”. Also, to analyze God’s process of creation, every candidate has to interpret the sequence of creation, and also identify man’s role in advancing God’s purpose in creation.

The covenant


  • God’s covenant with Noah and the flood (Gen. 6:1-22; 7:1-24; 9:1-17).
  • The covenant God heard with Abraham (Gen. 11:31-32; 12:1-9; 17:1-21; 21:1-13; 25:19-26).
  • God’s covanat with Israel (Ex. 19; 20; 24:1-11) cf. Deut. 28:1-19.
  • The new covenant (Jer. 31:31-34; Ezek 36:25-28).


As a candidate you have to explain;

  • You should be able to explain the concept of covenant.
  • The importance and implication of the covenants which you have to examine.
  • Analyze between the covenant God with Noah and that of Abraham and Israel.
  • Analyze between the old and new covenants.

jamb C.R.K 2020/2021 Syllabus – Leadership qualities


  • Joseph (Gen. 37: 1-28; 41: 1-57; 45: 1-15).
  • Moses (Ex. 1; 2; 3; 4: 1-17; 5; 12; Num. 13: 1-20; 14: 1-19).
  • Joshua (Num. 13: 21-33; 27: 15-23; Josh. 1: 1-15; 6; 7; 24: 1-31).
  • Judges (Deborah -Judges. 4: 1-24; Gideon: Judges 6: 11-40; Samson: Judges 13: 1-7, 21-25; 16: 4-31).


  • You have to explain the circumstances that gave rise to the leadership of Joseph, Moses, Joshua, and judges.
  • Another one is to notify the major talents of the leaders.
  • You also have to assess the works of these leaders in God’s role.
  • The achievements of the leaders, you have to analyze them.

Divine providence, guidance and protection


  • Protection and also guidance (Gen. 24:1-61; 28:10-22; 46:1-7: Ex. 13:17-22; 14:1-4; 10-31).
  • The provision (Gen. 21:14-18; 22:1-14; Ex. 16:1-21; 17:1-7; Num. 20:1-13; 1 Kings 17:1-16).


  • As a candidate who is sitting for the jamb CRK exam, he or she needs to identify the different ways that God guided and protected Israel.
  • You also need to mention how God provides for his people when they are in need.
  • Mention the different occasions that God provided for the Israelites or Israel.

Parental responsibility:


You have to make examples of the following down here;

  • Samuel and Eli (1 Sam. 2:11-36; 3:2-18; 4:10-22: 8:15).
  • Example of David (11 Sam. 13; 15:1-29; 18; 19:1-8).
  • Asa (1 Kings 15:9-15; 22:41-44; cf. Deut. 6:4-9; Prov. 4:1-10; 13:1; 24; 22:6; 23:13-14; 31:10-31).


  • You should be able to determine the extent to which Eli, Samuel, and David were responsible for their children’s shortcomings.
  • You also have to explain how Asa begged God.

I will love to stop here because I don’t want to get you bored before finishing the article. But know that, the list you see here is just the list for section A. You can see the rest list to the very last section if only you click on this “MORE” link.

Why student fail jamb exams

The very reason why most students fail jamb is that some of them don’t like reading. They find reading as stress and they depend on doing expos during the exam time. If you want to see the reasons why students fail jamb, you will find it inside this article “HOW TO SUCCEED IN 2020 JAMB“.


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