Is AOL Mail not Working – How to Fix of AOL Mail not Working Problems

At times people complain of their AOL mail account, whenever they are passing through these issues or problems. They do ask this question Is AOL Mail not Working, what made them ask this kind of question that is what we are going to be discussing in this text of the article.

For you to get more information and updates consigning these issues, you have to read on as I bring to you the review.

Is AOL Mail not Working

Is AOL Mail not Working

As I have said earlier, that so many people have this issue of their AOL mail not working because of one thing or the other. If you are facing these same issues, this is the right article and message for you.

I am sure that before we are having these issues, that means you already have an account and you already have an account too. So, there is no need to go into details by introducing what AOL mail is but if there be anyone who has not heard about AOL but you find your way across this article, there is a little review for you.

What is AOL mail

As the name implies, AOL mail is a platform that has to do with a free web-based email service that was introduced by AOL. It was launched in the year 2004 and it is available in 54 different languages.

You can also use this platform of AOL mail for communication means by sending email messages to your friends and families. There is nothing much to say about this platform because the more you use it, the more you come across new features.

Problems that make AOL Mail not to Work

Down here you are going to find out the problems that can make your AOL mail not to work.

  • We have problems with receiving mail.
  • Also, problems viewing images on your account.
  • Issues with missing emails.
  • Issues reading and retrieving mail.

These are the problems or issues that can cause your AOL mail not to work. And you can resolve them with the following paragraph.

How to Fix AOL Mail not Working Problems

I will be talking about the following issues and how you can resolve them. The list below you can resolve your AOL mail problems.

Problems of Receiving Mail

Facing problems when it comes to receiving emails on your account is among the reason why your AOL mail will stop working most times. To resolve this issue, you need to check your filters.

Most times the filters can also cause your emails to bypass your inbox and to show if your emails are sent either to the trash folder or a different folder. You need to check the filters that you have created to see if the messages are organized correctly.

Problems Viewing Images

If you are having issues viewing images on your account, and when you tried again is still showing the same thing. What you need to do is to ask the person who sent you the image that you are trying to view to resend the image using JPG or GIF file format.

Because the problem why you can’t view images most things is because the image was sent to you with another format like the TIFF format, whenever you receive an image in this format you cannot view it.

Missing Email Issues

This is another problem also. As a user who is also experiencing this kind of problem to resolve it, here is what you have to do. You have to go ahead by checking other folders in your AOL mail account. In the very first place, you need to check to see if you are missing any email.

Is to check your other folders, if there be any missing email on any folder you checked is likely they were mistakenly marked as spam or filtered mails. The very thing to do is to check your filters and spam settings to be sure that they are where you expected them to be.

Issues of Reading and Retrieving Mail

This is the very last problem if you have this problem here is what you should do. The steps that come on from now will direct you on how to solve this issue. You can use AOL Basic Mail; this gives you a way you can see your emails in a simpler layout. You need these steps, one access the AOL Basic Mail.

Secondly, reset your web settings. Thirdly, disable pop-up blocking and then clear your browser’s cache. Fourthly, temporarily disable your firewall and lastly, disable protected mode in internet explorer by following these steps here.

Click Tools, enter internet options, then security tab, and then deselect “Enable Protected Mode” and lastly, restart the internet explorer and sign in to your AOL mail account again. By doing these, you can resolve all the issues you have been having with your account.

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