iPhone 13 – Apple iPhone 13 Leaks And Rumores | iPhone 13 Release Date

Have you heard about some most true leaks on the Apple iPhone 13. Apple has recently released the iPhone 12 series and already experimenting on the next. The iPhone 12 series proved great specs with an increase in battery. Hopefully, Apple has decided to upgrade more on this new device.

iPhone 13 - Apple iPhone 13 Leaks And Rumores | iPhone 13 Release Date

With just little enhancement to the iPhone 12, there will be no much difference from the yet to release series 13. Read more on this article to get the recent leaks on the iPhone 13 specs rumor and likely release date.

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iPhone 13

The new device is expected to be launched in the fall of 2021 with a number of user-facing changes that could improve the overall iPhone experience. Early in the rumor cycle more extreme changes were expected. But as time went on, the rumors became more realistic.

When the iPhone 12 first debuted in 2020, there were already rumors and leaks of a 2021 iPhone with no Lightning port and no notch. Now, expectations are a little more grounded with upgrades to the cameras and displays.

iPhone 13 Price

Expect a similar price to the iPhone 12 range, with one leak suggesting it’ll be exactly the same. The iPhone 12 mini – the cheapest of 2020’s iPhones – started at $699 / £699 / AU$1,199 while the iPhone 12 Pro Max cost $1,099 / £1,099 / AU$1,849. That said, there is some evidence the price could increase a bit.

iPhone 13 Design

Little is expected to change from the iPhone 12, but it seems the company will be changing the design of the rear camera. It’ll seemingly have a diagonal lens arrangement on the two cheaper phones, but the design seems otherwise largely set to be similar to last year’s handsets, albeit with a slightly smaller notch.

iPhone 13 Colors

Apple may debut some new shades with the series, and two rumored versions are pink and orange. Alongside those, we expect to see similar shades to last-gen, such as purple, black and white.

iPhone 13 Display

Screen sizes and resolutions are expected to stay the same across the range of iPhone 13 products. But both the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are heavily rumored to debut 120Hz refresh rates. That means the image on these screens will be smoother than previous iPhones. Plus we’re expecting an always-on display on each handset, too.

iPhone 13 Camera

Apple is expected to be tweaking the camera on the series, and the two Pro handsets may get an upgraded ultra-wide shooter. The 13 Pro may also get an upgraded telephoto camera.

Plus some leaks suggest LiDAR could be present on all four models so you’ll have improved depth perception, though more recent leaks don’t mention this, so don’t count on it. Video recording software improvements are also expected, including a new Portrait mode.

iPhone 13 Specs

The A15 chipset will likely power each of these handsets, though current reports suggest this won’t bring a huge power boost. It’s also heavily rumored that Apple may bring out a 1TB iPhone for the first time in 2021, so that’ll allow for the largest iPhone sizes ever.

iPhone 13 Battery

If the biggest battery leak is correct, you can expect a larger battery inside 2021’s phones. These are expected to be notably larger, with the iPhone expected to offer a 3,095mAh cell compared to the iPhone 12’s 2,805mAh. Meaning we should expect a longer lasting iPhone than your previous iPhones.

iPhone 13 Release Date

The release date is likely to be in September 2021. And we expect it to hit stores on either the third or fourth Friday of the month. Making it on the 17th or 24th of September.

iPhone 13 Leaks

Before 2020, Apple has often announced its new iPhones on either the first or second Tuesday of September. If that happens again in 2021, we’d expect the iPhone 13 range to be revealed on September 7 or September 14 and release 10 days later.

iPhone 13 Rumors

Multiple analysts have said to expect an announcement in the third week of September this year, which means that September 14 is the most likely date, with September 15 also being possible, as the brand occasionally announces phones on a Wednesday. Based on Apple’s usual approach we’d then expect pre-orders to open on September 17, with the release date being September 24 (the following Friday).

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