International Student Loans – Best International Student Loans

Do you know there are both federal and private International Student Loans available for United State citizens? Thought the federal student loans have more benefits compared to private student loans. These loans are restricted only to students living in U.S. and Canada.

International Student Loans
International Student Loans

If you are outside the United States, then you can apply for private loans, as it is the best way to pay for non-international college students. You can check on the best loan for you in your region to apply for the right one. Read this article to get some of the best loan to apply for as an international student.

International Student Loans

As an international student, you can apply for the loan provided that you are a resident in the U.S, and enrolled to an accredited US or UK university. You must be of the age of 18 and above before you can apply for these loans as well.

Application is easy and can be done in a couple of minutes. Over thousands of loans available to an international student, there are some of them to pick you should consider first.

Best International Student Loans

There are hundreds of these student loans available today. But some are classified as the best as they offer more comfortable advantages and benefits. Below are some of our best picks student loans for international students:

MPOWER Financing

This student loan is available for undergraduate students. And you can apply for this loan type without a co-signer. If you are on two years close to graduation or about to start a one or two-year program, then this loan has got you covered. There are over 350 approved schools in the United States and Canada that are in support of MPOWER Financing.

With this loan, the student is to pay interest-only for the first six months while they are still in school, and at the same six months after graduation. They can make full payments of the principal and interest also. It doesn’t need an application fee, but there is a 5% origination fee for each loan.

Prodigy Finance

This is a type of loan offered only to graduate students. And applicants can check in for this loan without a co-signer. It is offered for students who seek for a graduate degree in the below departments:

  • Business
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Law
  • Public policy or healthcare

Payments can be made without penalty. And you can also make deferment while still in school

Citizens One

Best for graduate students. It is best for student with good credit score, and offers the lowest interest rate loan. It does not need a fee, origination, or pre-payment fee.

Ascent Student Loan

Looking for a loan with best interest rates, then try out this loan.


This is a best suitable loan for DACA recipients.

International Student Loan UK

Findings is limited to the total cost of student education as determined by the school; les any other assistance received. The total cost of education include tuition, living space, and board, and living expenses.

If you are a student in the United Kingdom facing financial difficulties, then below are some loans you can apply for as a UK international student:

  • Future Finance Students Loans
  • The Global Student Loan
  • International Student Loan
  • Prodigy Finance

That’s it.

Loans for International Student in USA

As international students don’t build up a credit history in the United States, most lenders require them to have a US co-signer. Some of the loan providers don’t require a cosigner to apply for loans in the US. Below are some of the loans to be applied for in the US:

  • Discover
  • Ascent Student Loans
  • Citizens One
  • MPOWER Financing

There are many others you can apply for. The step in the next section below will guide you on how to see loans available to your school.

How to Find International Student Loans

Use the guide below to get the best loans available in your location:

  • Launch your web browser
  • Type in the URL on the search box
  • Navigate to the “Find My Student Loan” on the right top section
  • Select if you are a US citizen or permanent resident, and click on Next
  • Choose your school country
  • Select your school state
  • Choose a school, and click on Find My Loan

You will be redirected to a list of loans if anyone is available on the listed regions and schools you have entered in the search column.


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