iContact Vs Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp: Market Your Business with iContact, Constant Contact and Mailchimp Email Marketing

If you have been following up with the post on this site, you will notice that there are articles that talk about constant contact and that of constant contact vs MailChimp. But today we are looking into something different says iContact Vs Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp.

iContact Vs Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp: Market Your Business with iContact, Constant Contact and Mailchimp Email Marketing

Looking into this header, you will see that there is another word added to it, not like the one of constant contact Vs Mailchimp.

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Here we will be dealing with what iContact is, Constant Contact, and that of Mailchimp is also. The article has a lot to review for us, all we need is the time and attention to understand every bit of the article.

iContact Vs Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp

In my previous post about Constant Contact and that of Mailchimp, the article talked about them as an online email marketing platform. But right now, we have no idea what IContact is, do you think it is also an online platform for email marketing or not.

I can’t say now but as we are going through the article, we will get to understand what IContact is and why are they compared with one another. Let begin with that of IContact.


This is also an email marketing site for creating, sending, and also tracking messages. Just as we have discussed that IContact is an email marketing platform, do you know that IContact also has a pro service?

The pro service is marketing automation for powerful multi-step campaigns and for scalable solutions to help track digital marketing efforts relating to your website, pages, social media sites, and landing.

iContact Pricing

The pricing for this platform is different from that of the other email marketing platforms like the one of Constant Contact and Mailchimp. Speaking of the pricing it has both high volume senders and nonprofit discounts.

In the section of the pricing, we have base plans and that of pro plans. We are going to be looking into them both starting with base plans.

iContact Base Plans

Here we are, let find out more about the pricing below.

  • We have $15 per month which is up to 1,500 subscribers.
  • Then, $25 monthly and it has up to 2,500 subscribers.
  • Lastly, we have one of $45 also a monthly plan that is also up to 5,000 subscribers.

Here are the plans for the base and now to the pro plans.

iContact Pro Plans

It is now time to talk about the pro plans of IContact pricing.

  • For the pro, $30 monthly. And it has 1,500 subscribers.
  • It also has 2,500 subscribers that are for $50 pricing.
  • The last of the plan list has up to 5,000 subscribers for $90 every month.

These are all the plans for both base and pro pricing and as you can see each side has the same subscribers but different pricing.

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IContact also has nice features, services, customers, and also resources that you can access. By visiting their website www.icontact.com, you will be able to get more updates about the site.

Constant Contact

You guys already know so much about Constant Contact and for those that have not yet known about it you can read through for details. Is like saying this over and over again is like repeating one thing all the time. The only thing we are going to talk about here is the pricing for you can read through this article “Constant Contact” for you to get the full details about what constant contact is.

I think what you should know is that it is also an email marketing platform just like the first site that we talked about. For the pricing, there are just two plan pricing which are email and email plus.

Constant Contact Pricing

For the pricing, just as the paragraph above says that we have email and email plus plan. That is what we are about to list out now.

  • For email plan pricing, it is just one which is $20 per month and there are features attach to it.
  • The second one is email plus and it is $45 monthly and also its features.

These are all the plans pricing for constant contact and the website is www.constantcontact.com if you want to visit the website to check it out on your own.


Here we are again, I don’t think there is an article that talks about Mailchimp. This is an American automation marketing site and email marketing service. Mailchimp is known as the trading name of Rocket Science Group which is the operator.

This company was introduced in the year 2001 by a founder names Ben Chestnut, Mark Armstrong, and Kurzius. www.mailchimp.com is full of a nice feature that will be of help to your business. Quickly let check out the plan pricing of this platform.

Mailchimp Pricing

For the pricing of this platform, there are four of them but one for free. Apart from that, there are also transactional email plans as well. Let talk about the marketing platform plan pricing, the list below you will be able to get the plans.

  • Premium price, R 4,730.89 monthly.
  • The standard plan, R 237.18 per month.
  • Essentials plan, R 158.07 each month.
  • Lastly, R 0 is a free plan service.

These are for the MailChimp plan pricing and they all have their features as well. I believe that this article has shown us so much about the topic above.

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