iCloud Find My iPhone – How to Use iCloud.com to Locate Lost iPhone

It is very possible to use the iCloud Find My iPhone website on iCloud.com to search for your missing device or a friend’s missing device. This website allows you to track your device either on an Android, iOS, or PC device. Though there is a “Find My” app which is strictly for iOS devices, you can access the website even on Android web browsers.

iCloud Find My iPhone
iCloud Find My iPhone

This is like a GPS that helps you locate or track your iPhone if it is stolen or misplaced. If misplaced, you can use the Play Sound feature to beep your phone and find it around you. There is also an option to erase the device if it can’t be traced. This will remove all of your data and information saved on the iPhone.

iCloud Find My iPhone | Find My iPhone

This is an integrated tracking phone navigation that is accessible on the iCloud to find your missing iOS device. However, the Find my iPhone lets users remotely navigate the last location where the device was spotted if it is indicated as lost, stolen, or misplaced.

The Find My iPhone feature was a self-service that was later integrated into iOS and macOS devices. For more security purposes, users can use this service to track the location of their mission or stolen iOS devices or Mac computers with either the iOS app or the iCloud website.

Turn on Find My iPhone

In some cases, you might not be able to find your mission iOS device. This can be as a result that your find my iPhone setting wasn’t turned on. So, before you can get with the latest tracking service, you need to ensure that the Find My iPhone setting is turned on. Let’s get to how you can get this turned on:

  • Get your iPhone
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on your iCloud account (Apple ID)
  • Navigate download and tap on Find My
  • Tap on Find My iPhone
  • Then turn on the Find My iPhone option, Find My network option, and Send Last Location option

After turning on the setting on any of the iOS/ Mac operating systems, you can then be able to have the chance of finding your iPhone whenever you misplaced it or it was stolen.

How to Use iCloud.com to Locate Lost iPhone

Find My iPhone on iCloud.com now support a feature where you can help a friend find his/her missing device. This is more effective, as an iOS user can help another iOS user find their device. Keep in mind that the website can be accessed on both Android, iOS devices, and even on PCs. The iPhone track website can be accessed using the below guide:

  • Launch your web browser
  • Visit the URL icloud.com/find to access the tracking homepage
  • You will be required to sign in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID/email and your password
  • Select the Find My iPhone option, and enter the iCloud account of the missing device
  • And lastly select the device you want to track

You will be shown an Apple Map with street names and the location where the phone was spotted last or is currently. There are also other features to help secure the device like Play Sound, Last Mode, or Erase.

How to Get to iCloud on iPhones to Locate my Device

Other than using Find My iPhone on iCloud.com, users can also access a different account to locate their iOS devices on another device. This means that you can use a friend’s iPhone to find your lost iOS device. Follow the step below to get this done:

  • Look for another iOS device (friend or family iOS device)
  • Scroll a black screen down, and enter Find My iPhone on the search bar
  • Tap on Continue
  • Then tap on the “Me” option from the options below
  • Select the blue highlighted “Help a Friend” option below
  • You will be redirected to a page on the Apple Safari browser
  • Log in to your Apple ID
  • If your Apple ID is registered to more than one device, select the device you want to track

You will be shown the device’s location. If it was misplaced in a close location, then hit the Play Sound option to make the device ring out. You can also Activate the “Mark As Lost” device to get more secured or Erase the Device to remove all data and information about you on the device.


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