How to Change your Profile Visibility on Facebook Dating

How to Change your Profile Visibility on Facebook Dating. To some people, Facebook Dating is a total waste of time, but to some, it is worth their time. If you are making use of Facebook dating and you are looking for a way to change your visibility on it, we got you covered.

How You Can Change Your Profile Visibility on Facebook Dating
How You Can Change Your Profile Visibility on Facebook Dating

How to Change your Profile Visibility on Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating was created about 3 to 4 years ago and since then, it has made so many people’s relationships healthy and happy. The way some are lucky to find true love and happiness that’s how some are unlucky and disappointed in finding true love. In this article, you will know how to change your visibility and how profile visibility affects someone’s Facebook Dating experience.

Is it Possible to Change Your Visibility on Facebook Dating?

Facebook has already thought about that, and it’s possible to change your visibility. You can automatically hide or change your visibility from your Facebook friends who are also using the dating app. That is, you can’t see their dating profile, and they can’t see yours.

How Visibility Affect the Facebook Dating Match Feature

Facebook takes dating matches very seriously, Facebook allows you to match with potential people that have the same interests and likes as you. Matches on Facebook dating must be within 100 miles of your current location else it’s not a good match.

On Facebook, a dating match occurs when two different people like each other’s profiles. That’s how or when you can send messages directly or chat with the person on Facebook dating.

Also in Facebook dating, you need to know that when you change your visibility everything goes away. Like, if you change your Facebook dating visibility to invisible you won’t be able to see your Facebook matches or any Facebook dating user again.

How you Can Change your Profile Visibility on Facebook Dating

Remember, that when you turn on this feature you will not be able or you will no longer see other people’s dating profiles. Also, Facebook dating users will not be able to see your profile as well. So if you are still interested in changing your profile’s visibility, follow the steps below to change your visibility on Facebook dating:

  • Open your Facebook application and then click on Settings.
  • Select General and go to the Privacy Setting.
  • Then turn off Suggest Friends of Friends.

Immediately you have done that, your visibility will be changed, so no Facebook dating user can see your dating profile again.  You can also go back when you decide to change your visibility back and deactivate this feature then come back online.

The Effects of Good Facebook Dating Profile?

Your Facebook dating profile will determine whether you have a potential match or a bad match. If you find true love successfully while using the Facebook dating platform it all reflects down to your dating profile. Also, your dating profile is very important because it can be disabled and re-enabled to change your visibility.

Another important fact is that only those on Facebook Dating can view or see other people that are also using it. That’s because the Facebook Dating profile is completely different from your main Facebook profile. While Changing your visibility, will dictate if your Facebook dating profile can be seen or not seen by other people using Facebook dating.

There are two ways your Facebook friends can know if you are using the Dating service: if you tell them, or they add you to their crush list. Apart from that, your dating profile is hidden from your Facebook friends.



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