How WAEC Tackled Exams Malpractice – Reasons Why Exam Malpractice is Conducted


This is common in our schools these days, mostly in this country. Schools now use exam malpractice to make money which should is not right. What I want to share with you in this post is about the ways How WAEC Tackled Exams Malpractice. Like I said that school now uses this examination malpractice to earn money for their selves. Looking into this article, there is so much you will get from it because malpractice is never right to be done when it comes to exams.

How WAEC Tackled Exams Malpractice - Reasons Why Exam Malpractice is Conducted

How WAEC Tackled Exam Malpractice

So many of us do practice examination malpractice in one way or the other. We do play money for expo when it comes to writing waec exams not only waec exams but also other exams too. What is want to discuss here is how does waec handle these malpractice issues when it gets to waec exams. There are many ways that waec tackles their exam malpractice. This issue has become a problem in some parts of the world because waec is a worldwide examination that almost all the countries on Earth do write. And with your waec result, you can travel to you o anywhere, it is accepted in all country weather you are using to apply for admission.

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Like I have said later run, that there are so many ways waec can deal with malpractice. Before going into that aspect, let first see the reasons why students or schools conduct examination malpractice.

Reasons why exam malpractice is conducted

The reasons why students or schools are involved in exam malpractice are so many also. You will find out through the list that is below this paragraph.

  • One of the reasons why malpractice is conducted is that some students do not like reading or have the requirements for preparing for the exam.
  • Another reason is that School’s directives are also using it to make money from their students.
  • It is not just about paying for expos, most of us think exam malpractice is just by paying money for expos but no. You can be involved in examination malpractice by bringing cheats of paper full of expos into the examination hall.
  • When it comes to the exam, we the students do not like reading, we always depend on examination malpractice we depend on expos. And for these reasons, waec is planning to solve this issue of examination malpractice.

So if you have been involved in this kind of art, please I beg you to dismiss from it because you don’t know the plans that waec is planning against examination malpractice. As for the list above is the list of some reasons why people are involved in malpractice. To round this article up, let see how waec is going to tackle or resolve this issue of malpractice.

How waec tackled exams malpractice – How waec resolve malpractice

Speaking of malpractice is a bad act, so I advise you all to keep off from malpractice. If you know you have been involved in it before be it the students or schools to dismiss from it. Let see the ways in which waec is planning to resolve this problem.

  • Waec board as now been sending down their supervisors to every school to supervise waec exams that are going on in every school.
  • Another way which they are operating on now is that, when they notice any form of suspect in like running expos in the exam hall, they can cancel that paper or that center from writing any more waec exams.
  • They are setting out security agents to fight against examination malpractice.
  • WAECWAEC/NECO examinations and applauded the security agencies for their co-operation, especially in the aspect of enforcing laws and order.

These are the ways which waec is using to tackle examination malpractice and there are still so many of them. If you are thinking of registering for waec examination online, you can find it on my previous article “WHEN IS WAEC 2020/2021 EXAM STARTING“, When you read through this very article, you will find more details about waec and you can also visit this link to of WAEC if you want to register online.

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