How to Use Apple Pay at Target

Do you want to know How to Use Apple Pay at Target? Or have you been looking through the internet on how to use Apple pay at Target but you can’t actually find the right information?

How to Use Apple Pay at Target

If yes, then this post is the right one to simply solve your problem. Target is simply one of the most famous American retailers with over 1,800 locations across the country.

The retailer is very popular for its cheap clothing, electronics, toys, furniture, Jewellery, pet supplies, shoes, and also health supplies, etc.

If you are then a regular customer at Target, you will know that the store simply offers different payment methods both online and in-store.

And Apple pay is also included in this payment method. Whether you wish to shop online or in-store, you can just easily use Apple pay to then make payments.

You can even easily use your Apple Watch or iPhone using contactless payment regardless of the Target store location you visit.

Read this article to the very end to get the guides on how you can use Apple pay at target.

How to use Apple Pay at Target Step by Step

All target locations simply now support contactless payments. To then use Apple pay at target stores, you will need to set up Apple pay. In order to do this, you must add a debit or credit card to your Apple pay wallet app on your apple mobile device.

Just in case you are simply adding a credit or debit card to your already existing Apple checking account, tap on the + symbol in the wallet app.

After that, you should just take a photo of the credit or debit card you want to use. Or enter the card details manually in Apple pay.

Once you have simply connected the Apple pay app wallet to your card, the next thing for you to do is how to use Apple pay at Target stores.

You should Double-click the side button placed on the outside edge of your Apple phone. It is the same button you used to turn on and turn off your phone screen.

If it is done correctly, your Apple wallet will now automatically open with the image of the credit or debit card you have added to your wallet.

Next, you should Hold your iPhone over the card reader with your Apple wallet open. The device must then be a little bit far away from the card reader or payment terminal.

If you now have an Apple watch with Apple pay on it, you can simply make use of it instead. It will then make the process a little easier.

However, if the process is simply done correctly, the payment will then be processed and payment will also be charged from the debit or credit card connected to the Apple wallet.

Note; Target may even tokenize your credit or debit card number on your receipt for the sake of your security.

The last 4 digits of your card that simply shows on the screen may even be very different from the ones on your card. So you simply don’t need to worry at all, it does not mean that target made a mistake.

How To Use Apple Pay at Target Self-Checkout

To then make use of Apple pay at Target Self-checkout, you will then have to scan the purchased items first. When it is now time to make a payment, you will see different options. Select “Wallet” or “Apple Pay.”

Once you have simply done that, just look at the screen of the card reader near/beside the main self-checkout screen. You will now see the RFID sign alongside “Tap.” This indicates that contactless payments are simply accepted.

Choose the contactless payment option and also bring your Apple Watch or iPhone close to the screen

Wait for the checkmark or thank you message and then follow any instructions on the screen. Also, collect your receipts and items and you can then leave the checkout.

Can I Use Apple Pay on the Target Website?

The straight answer to this question is very simple yes. You can actually make use of Apple Pay to simply make payments on the Target website.

However, for the target website to then accept apple pay, you must simply be using an apple device like an iPad or iPhone.

Also, you must be using the Safari browser to simply visit the website. With a different browser like Google Chrome, you will not be able to access apple pay as the option to check out.

If you then have an apple device and also you are using the safari website, making a payment with Apple pay is hassle-free.

So, the next time you are shopping at the Target website, you should make sure you keep this in mind in order to save yourself from stress.


Does Target have Apple Pay at self-checkout?

After a Target cashier rings up your items, you can now use Apple Pay by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch on the credit card scanner.

This process also works during self-checkout. (Bear in mind that you simply need to set up Apple Pay before using it at Target or any other store.)

How do I use Apple Pay on the Target app?

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to use Apple Pay at Target: Double-click the side button (If you then have an iPhone with Face ID) and glance at your iPhone or just enter your passcode. Or, rest your finger on the Home button (if you simply have an iPhone with Touch ID).

Can you pay with a QR code at Target?

Scan the Target’s QR Code

The cashier or self-checkout machine will simply scan your items and then show you a QR code. Simply tap the “Scan” button and then hover your smartphone’s camera over the QR code to scan it and also proceed with the transaction. Then you will be prompted to confirm the purchase.

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