How To Use Apple Air Tag

Have you ever heard of the “How To Use Apple Air Tag”? This has been a keyword online for some time now and it seems users want to know more about this. Are you looking for a super-easy way to track your stuff and also find them easily without stress?

How To Use Apple Air Tag
How To Use Apple Air Tag

Then you should be making use of the Apple Air Tag, I will be enlightening you on one of the easiest ways you as an iPhone user can simply keep track of your stuff. Recently, Apple released its Apple AirTag for iPhone tracking devices.

The iOS Air tags are simply made up of tight iOS integration and also a large network of Apple devices to simply produce Bluetooth trackers that are also simple to set up, easy to use, and even easy to locate. So if you then have an iOS or an iPad, the iPhone Air tag is just a must-have and also an easy way to track your lost devices.

How To Use Apple Air Tag

Furthermore, there are also tracking industries that simply build trackers for people, vehicles, and some other stuff. For example, Samsung phone users simply have SmartTag and SmartTag+ to keep track.

But for iPhone users, the Apple Air Tag is just a massive advancement. Apple Air tags are just too easy to set up and they have advanced and also better finding power compared to Tile. Also, AirTag Apple functions cannot be limited as long as there is an iPhone user nearby.

Overview of Apple AirTag

Apple Air Tag is just portable and also unnoticeable when you drop it in your pocket. The Air Tag is very durable and will not wear easily. They are also water-resistant for up to 30 minutes. Apple AirTag is just easy to set up; they also keep track of your lost stuff and find them easily.

They can even easily detect other iPhones when you simply put up an iOS device and also use the Find My App and the AirTags will then begin the work of tracking. If you are then using an iPhone 11 or higher iPhone the ultra-wideband has also made it easier for a directional arrow to be displayed.

How To Use the iPhone Air Tag To Find Items

The Apple Air Tag can simply only be accessible through iCloud and the iCloud simply requires the use of an internet connection. As I stated earlier, Air Tags are simply used to find lost items.

You can also use the Find My App to then play sounds on your Air Tag. Learn how to set up your AirTag with your iPhone and iPad. All you just need is your iPhone or iPad with iOS 14.5 or higher and also on your two-factor authentication, you should also make sure your Find My is turned on, and turn on your Bluetooth, and your location service.

How to Set Up Your Air Tag

Here are the steps for you to follow when you want to set up an Air Tag on your device:

  • Make sure to set up your device
  • Then just hold your AirTag near your iPhone or iPad
  • Then you should select Connect
  • Next, you should choose an item name or customize your name
  • Then Choose an emoji then click on continue
  • Finally, just click on done.

Apple Air Tag Cost

The Apple Air Tag is also very affordable. You can even get one Apple Air tag for $29 or buy a pack of four AirTags for $99 but you will simply need to buy a Tag holder for your Air Tag. Unlike SmartTag, the Apple Air Tag does not come with a lanyard hole so Apple sells leather key rings in blue, red, and even brown colours for a sum of $35.

You can also get a leather loop holder for $39 available in brown or red colour. The silicon loop holder simply costs $29 and it is even available in blue, orange, white, and also yellow colours. Apple also provides free printing of a monogram on each Air Tag.


How do you work the Apple AirTag?

How does it work? Your Airbag simply sends out a secure Bluetooth signal that can just be detected by nearby devices in the Find My network. These devices also send the location of your AirTag to iCloud — then you can just go to the Find My app and even see it on a map. The whole process is so anonymous and encrypted to simply protect your privacy.

How Far Away does the Apple AirTag work?

Apple simply has not provided details about the range of the airbag, but the maximum Bluetooth range is about or around 100 meters, so an AirTag should be trackable at least to that distance.

Can I use Apple AirTag to track my Car?

With the later iPhones (11 or greater) the Ultra-Wideband chip inside will be able to simply pinpoint the exact location of the airbag. An airbag is also a great solution for other everyday items that get stolen or lost, but not for using it as a car tracker.



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