How to Trim Videos with VLC for Clips

How to Trim Videos with VLC for Clips. VLC has additional virtually to play any media file you can throw at it; this media player is packed with features you’re probably not using. For instance, you can use VLC to edit videos and make clips.

How to Trim Videos with VLC for Clips

When it comes to editing videos, something you may want to do is trim videos. Through this page, you will be able to trim videos with VLC for Clips.

How to Trim Videos with VLC for Clips

This allows you to trim your videos by cutting them into short clips. You might use these clips in a presentation or post them on social media, for instance. Whatever you need it for, it will show you how to trim videos with VLC Media Player for the clips below.

How to Trim a Video in VLC Media Player

Trimming a video with VLC is recording the part of the video you want only. After recording the section, if you want, you can save it to a specific location on your PC.

Step trim a video in VLC Media Player:

  • Lunch the video you want to trim with VLC Media Player.
  • Press View > Advanced Controls from the toolbar on the top.
  • The advanced controls menu will be displayed in the lower-left corner of VLC.
  • Start playing the video and move the slider to the section of the video you want to keep.
  • Wait while the section of the video you want gets to the spot you want, and click the Record button again.

How to Find Cut Videos in VLC

After you’re done recording only the section of the video, you’ll need to find the cut video files.

Step to find your trimmed videos in VLC:

  • With VLC open, navigate to Tools > Preferences from the toolbar.
  • Select Input/Codecs from the top and look in the field next to the record directory or filename to find the path where your videos reside.
  • You can change the path if you want them somewhere else or if a path doesn’t exist. To do this, click the Browser button and choose your new location using File Explorer.
  • Then, you can access your trimmed videos and use them for the project you need them for.

Trimming Videos with VLC

Using VLC to trim a video into smaller, specific sections and create clips is straightforward using the steps above. However, if you’re going to perform complex video editing, you’ll want to use something like Microsoft’s Clipchamp or TechSmith’s Camtasia.

As we mentioned, VLC Media Player isn’t just for watching videos. It includes other useful features, allowing you to move a video frame-by-frame (perfect for screenshots) and rotate videos, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you trim clips with VLC?

You will be able to cut or trim any video to create video clips. That means you can select a certain part of your video and cut it out into a smaller clip. However, you can easily select a beginning point and then an ending point. Then, VLC will automatically cut and save from Point A to Point B onto your PC.

Can VLC edit the video?

Drag the playing slide bar to the start point. Click the “Record” button and the “Play” button to start trimming. Check the trimmed video clips in the Videos library or my Document folder.

Does Windows 10 have a video editor?

You can use the editor in the Photos app to create video slideshows that combine your photos and videos with music, motion, text, and more. You can even add animated 3D effects like sparkles or fireworks.

Can you trim videos with VLC Player for Mac?

Well, have it in mind that VLC doesn’t support cutting or trimming operations, but you can record the part of the video you need to achieve this goal. Check the below step-by-step guide to record part of the video in VLC.


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